Red-necked Stint photos

Matthew Dodder


Sorry I did not include the location in my previous post... I was trying to get the word out quickly that the bird had appeared, and foolishly assumed the location was familiar due to several previous posts. Anyway, I managed to get a few horrible shots with my iPhone and scope which I wasn’t completely embarrassed by, so enjoy. 

All I can add to previous comments is that the RED-NECKED STINT appeared near the waters edge this morning, far closer than I had been scanning. So keep an eye on those closer birds, and perhaps it will show for you. From the platform, the area it seemed to favor was to the left, near the old wooden dock(?) and some small white posts. As far as I know, it remained in that general area for the entire time.

We also had one ELEGANT TERN, and a LESSER YELLOWLEGS show up while we searched for the Stint.

I also want to mention that Palo Alto Adult School will offer Fall birding classes again beginning September. 
Registration begins Friday, August 11. 
The Fall catalog is not yet posted online, but will be soon. 
Details at:  

As usual, there are three classes available:

— Beginning Birding with Larry Spivak
— Intermediate Birding with Rob Furrow
— Advanced Birding (8 weeks) with Matthew Dodder (me)

At the moment, I can only speak for my advanced class, which will be offered Monday nights 7-9 PM, with weekly Saturday field trips to various hot spots including Point Reyes. The eight-week class runs Sept 11 — November 6 (no class on Oct 16). As usual, Fall session will address migration of Shorebirds, Raptors and Passerines with emphasis on vagrants and the associated identification challenges. As well, we’ll discuss recent AOU checklist changes, recent publications, rarities and puzzle through in-class mystery slides.

I hope to see you there!
Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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