Don't post location of any nest!

Kay Loughman

Folks, our adoration of the birds has gotten out of hand. The incredible number of birders and birdwatchers in our area alone, means we may - individually or collectively - pay far more attention to a bird than it can endure.

If you know the location of an active nest of any species, leave your dog and your friends at home, make sure your camera will NOT take a flash picture, turn off your internet connection; then, using binoculars - appreciate the nest and birds _briefly_ from a respectful distance, and LEAVE the area.

For those who might need a reminder, here's a link to the American Birding Association Code of Ethics: <>

The welfare of the birds is far more important than your lifelist, your photo album, or your standing within the birding community. If you care about birds, don't broadcast, publicize or post the location of any nest.

Kay Loughman
in the hills on the Berkeley/Oakland border

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