GGAS First Friday Bird Walk, Tilden Nature Area June 2, 2017

Alan Kaplan


Golden Gate Audubon Society First Friday Birdwalk, June 2, 2017. To Jewel Lake by way of the road and back by way of the Boardwalk.

Visitors from Winston-Salem, Tucson, and Bakersfield. Additional honored guests today were Professors Carolyn Merchant and Charles Sellers of UC, Berkeley. 

Today's theme was eponyms (the names of birds given to honor people): we had Swainson's Thrush, Bewick's Wren, Steller's Jay, Allen's Hummingbird, Hutton's Vireo, and Wilson's Warbler. I told stories of these ornithologists and artists, and Prof. Merchant gave me a copy of her 2016 book, Spare the Birds!: George Bird Grinnell and the First Audubon Society. She reprints from the original Audubon Society publication (edited by Grinnell) biographies of Alexander Wilson and John James Audubon, written by Grinnell and serialized in his Audubon Magazine. Prof. Sellers was a founder of the Mecklenburg Audubon Society of Charlotte, North Carolina.

And we had a visit from Denise Wight, our birdsong instructor extraordinare! Thank you to the MoB (many observers) of 40 birders today! And to our Meet-Up birders: Melon, Melinda and Mike!

Here are the 27 species we saw or heard:

Canada Goose  
Turkey Vulture       makes it official!
Red-shouldered Hawk  
Red-tailed Hawk 
Mourning Dove  
Allen's Hummingbird  
Pacific-slope Flycatcher  
Black Phoebe  
Hutton's Vireo 
Warbling Vireo  
Steller's Jay 
Common Raven  
Tree Swallow  
Chestnut-backed Chickadee  
Brown Creeper  
Bewick's Wren 
Swainson's Thrush  
American Robin  
European Starling  
Orange-crowned Warbler  
Wilson's Warbler  
Dark-eyed Junco 
Song Sparrow  
Spotted Towhee  
Black-headed Grosbeak       adults feeding fledgeling
Lesser Goldfinch  

Best of Boids!

Alan Kaplan

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