Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel present off Richmond today

David Quady and Nancy Boas


Heartened by Tony Brake’s experience on Tuesday, I stopped at Lucretia M. Edwards Shoreline Park in Richmond about 9:30 this morning in hopes a Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel was present. One was, well offshore toward the western end of Brooks Island. Over about a ten minute period I had it in view three times, for about a minute each time. I lost it in between times, and was finally unable to refind it in 15 minutes of trying.

Afterward I drove to the parking area just south of the Berkeley Fishing Pier, where John Luther saw a storm-petrel two days ago, but was unable to find one in a half-hour’s search. I elected not to try further, from the Emeryville Marina.

Dave Quady
Berkeley, California

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