Volmer Peak and Hooded Oriole at home


This morning I hiked from the Steam Train Staging Area to where  the  Lawrence's Goldfinches were seen yesterday.  No Lawrences and actually no migrants, but did enjoy some good looks at Lazuli Buntings,  a Purple Finch feeding its fledgling, and various other local breeders.  I also  made stops at Lake Anza (quiet) and the botanical gardens in Tilden Park (amazingly  quiet as I only saw one bird and heard a couple in 15 minutes of strolling).

Upon coming home I settled in at my back patio and fifteen minutes later a female Hooded Oriole landed in our magnolia ten feet away.  Three and a half hours of hiking/birding and my best bird turned out to be right at home. 

Derek  Heins

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