Patterson Pass -- Repost

Michael Park

(I gave yahoo groups a couple hours to post my original message. It's disappeared. An edited version of the original follows.)

I had a hunch while driving on the route from Tuolumne County back to the Bay Area. Acting on this hunch, I took a slight detour from Tracy.

I made a few stops along the road east of Patterson Pass. The westerly winds were strong and gusting. Bird activity was unsurprisingly low.

Where the road parallels the creek, there is suitable habitat (willows, weeds, and cottonwoods) for Blue Grosbeak and water is flowing.

It took some time, but an infrequently calling male Blue Grosbeak emerged and perched on a snag for a moment.


There were the usual singing birds:

Horned Lark (only detected where the hills approach the flats, less than in the past, maybe weather related lack of detection)

Western Meadowlark (singing at every stop)

Rock Wren (only briefly)


Michael Park, Berkeley

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