Sunol, 4/20, late Ferruginous Hawk, great hummers!

Robert Furrow

Today I birded Sunol Regional Wilderness from 9am until around 12:30pm.  As I first crossed the creek onto Camp Ohlone Road, I noted a soaring light-morph adult FERRUGINOUS HAWK.  This large, pale bird showed large white patches in the primaries (seen from above) and a gleaming white base to a reddish-tipped tail.  It circled with a few vultures quite high up, before heading north.  It's getting very late for a Ferruginous Hawk.

My main plan was to walk up the Cerro Este Road from Little Yosemite, to check on the large patch of mimulus flowers for hummingbirds.  I was rewarded!  Several adult RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS were chasing other hummingbirds, and one male gave repeated flight displays.  Soon after I noted a nice male CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD with its lovely streaked gorget and short tail.  Later on I encountered a female as well.  I also found a single female BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD.  She stood out with her more "necked" appearance, gray crown, long slightly decurved bill, faint peachy flanks, and tail that was a bit longer than her folded wings.

I then proceeded to hike up to the Cerro Este overlook, where I noted 3 HORNED LARKS, 3 LARK SPARROWS, 1 GRASSHOPPER SPARROW, and 1 SAVANNAH SPARROW.  ROCK WRENS were abundant, and several SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS circled overhead.  Over the course of the morning I saw what seemed to be at least 3 individual GOLDEN EAGLES.

Happy birding,
Rob Furrow

Robert Furrow
San Mateo, CA 94402

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