Miller Knox Eurasian Wigeons

Sheila Dickie

Yesterday, March 3, 2017, there were three male Eurasian Wigeon on the lagoon at Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park in Richmond. One had a female in tow and proceeded to chase one of the nearby Eurasian males away quite vigorously. So I thought that the female being protected may have been a female Eurasian Wigeon but could not be hundred percent sure. Also on the lawn area one Cackling Goose. Other lagoon species included a large flock of American Wigeon, a scattering of scaup (sp), Bufflehead and Gadwall.
Hunkered down on the lagoon island was one juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron.

Atop a small tree near the children's playground was a selasphorous hummer -- looked like an Allen's male.

Sheila Dickie

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