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C Lou

This morning (Nov 25, 2010), Bob Power and I saw the BROWN THRASHER at
745am and again 805am at Point Pinole. It was in the red berried bushes as
previously described. The bushes on the downhill side (towards the parking lot)
of a sign (Something about Park Boundary). I stayed around until 930am without
seeing the thrasher again.

Calvin D Lou
San Francisco

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Our intended late afternoon "walk" at Pt Pinole Regional Shoreline in
Richmond turned into an afternoon "stand" when we discovered a BROWN
THRASHER. The bird was feeding in the red berry bushes on the right
side of the paved trail about 0.1 mile from the parking lot (not even
as far as the bridge over the railroad tracks). It was VERY skulky
and shy and spent most of the time hiding in the underbrush. It
disappeared every time a bike or truck or dog went by.

We watched the bird from about 3:00 to 3:15 when it vanished into the
thick underbrush under the dead trees just downhill of the berry
bushes. We waited until about 3:35, but it did not reappear.

We had excellent views of the bird but unfortunately only had a
pocket camera with us. This page has 2 rather crappy cropped
pictures on it that may at least provide proof of

Directions: Exit I-80 at Richmond Parkway/Fitzgerald Drive. Drive
west toward the Bay. Pass San Pablo Ave and take the next right on
Atlas Road. Drive all the way down the hill and, just after crossing
the railroad tracks, turn left on Giant Hwy. After the Detention
Facility, you'll see the entrance to Pt Pinole RS on the
right. (Parking fee "when kiosk is attended", usually weekends &
holidays.) Walk the paved trail north from the parking area about 0.1 mile.

Park info:

Good birding,
Laura Look
Pinole, CA

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