Bohemian Waxwings in Contra Costa County?


Looking over pictures of Contra Costa County, using eBird media search through the Macaulay Library I found this intriguing and enigmatic photo added to eBird checklist S34109105, Jan 28, 2016 CONIFER LN WALNUT CREEK, Contra Costa County, California, US. The photograph cataloged by the Macaulay Library under the name ML47226161 represent in my opinion  Bohemian Waxwings. This photo was added just recently and it is in the set of 10 photographs of Waxwings, where 9 of 10 correctly Represent Cedars.

I think this is just an entry error, and in fact photo was taken from a different place, erroneously added to this list, however, if this photo is not misplaced, it can represent perhaps the first Contra Costa documented county record of Bohemian Waxwing. In Contra Costa County until now  known only from one unconfirmed record  (Lafayette, 1983).

In this photo, all nine Waxwings Appeared to be Bohemian. No white on forehead, in contrast cinnamon colored  forehead contrasts with gray external part of the crest. In seven birds can be seen chestnut colored undertail coverts, and rest of the ventral is uniformly gray-brown. In one bird (second from bottom)  visible is white wing- bar, a non-existing feature in Cedar Waxwing.

Albert W. Linkowski

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