Phainopepla, Oak Hill Park, Danville


Hi all,

Not sure how unusual, but I found one, possibly two Phainopeplas at Oak Hill Park in Danville this evening. Positive ID on the one at the far end of the Vita Trail (near the log jump gym if you play pokemongo), calling from and dining on the mistletoe in the two large oaks. The other possible was not seen but heard just above the play area. Not seen one in the park before, and seemingly odd for this time of year.

The park in general has been quite slow this year. Only one migrating duck so far, a female Bufflehead. A female Belted Kingfisher hangs around occasionally and a DC Cormorant popped up yesterday morning for a brief stay.

Happy Birding and Happy New Year!

Steve Hutchcraft
Alamo, CA

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