All I want for Christmas is a Cassin's kingbird

Dave Weber

I was good, Santa. So I went back to Holdener Park in Livermore this afternoon. I covered much of the park from the olive orchard between the residences, to a couple of side trails, and along the paved trail beyond the llama pasteur without seeing the ckb. I was about to do it all again at 2:30 pm when I ran into Gail and Elliot who had just spotted the Cassins Kingbird on a barbed wire fence in the field south of the parking lot. The bird moved south and east beyond the llamas and was rather skittish toward passersby. We eventually lost it. Cassins KB and last week's Glaucous Gull were long-time nemisis birds in Alameda county. 'Bout time, Santa.

Dave Weber,
by phone

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