Martinez RS Red-naped Sapsucker

Laura Look <chamaea@...>

Today (Sat, Dec. 3), from about 12:30 to 1:00 pm, my husband & I watched a cooperative RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER at Martinez Regional Shoreline in Martinez.

I believe this is the same bird reported by Carla Din 9/29 and Teri Wills 11/2. Comparing to Carla Din's photos, note in particular the white feather extending from the white wing patch into the black on the bird's left side.

Id: It appears to be Red-naped rather than Yellow-bellied based on the black not quite bordering the red throat patch, the 2 clearly separated white bars down the back, and (if you really squint at zoomed-in photos) a few red feathers on the nape. Comments on the bird's id are welcome.

Location: The bird was between the main picnic area and the duck pond in the trees bordering the sidewalk along N. Court St. His favorite tree was the corner tree just southwest of the junction of that sidewalk and the east end of the Boardwalk/Killdeer Trail.


Three CACKLING GEESE were hanging out with the Canada Goose flock.

Park info & map:

Good birding,
Laura Look
Pinole, CA

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