Lake Elizabeth, Fremont Central Park


A number of seasonal birds as well as an assortment of the usual suspects make Lake Elizabeth in Fremont's Central Park a great place to go birding right now.  I saw about 36 species on my favorite 2 1/2 mile walk around the lake mid-morning yesterday.

Park by the tennis courts (Stevenson Blvd. at Gallaudet Drive) and walk south towards the lake looking for the small flock of "Aleutian" Cackling Geese and single Greater White-Fronted Goose on the soccer lawns with the Canada Geese.  Where the ball fields meet the lake, I had seven Tree Swallows swirling above New Marsh, a calling Sora, and lots of Common Yellowthroats and Song Sparrows in the reeds. Continuing south along the east side of the lake, dozens of Yellow-Rumped Warblers were flycatching in the willows along the creek, and a bunch of Black-Crowned Night Herons, immature and adult, perched on the lakeshore.  Rounding the bend to continue up the west side, I found three Canvasbacks on the lake and a singing Oak Titmouse near the boathouse - all of them uncommon here.  As I reached the north end and headed east again, a small group of newly-arrived, chirping American Pipits flew by me into the fields.

Stephanie Floyd


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