Ridgeway's Rails at Arrowhead Marsh


A number of birders took advantage of the high tide around 11 AM today to see Ridgeway's Rails and a Sora.  At least 4 of the rails were well seen, one only about 10 feet from the deck which extends out into the marsh.  Much of the deck was filled  with Willets and Marbled Godwits, But this particular Ridgeway's Rail was right at the end of the handrail section of the platform. 

A couple of Cackling Geese were on the lawn to the south, a male blue-winged Teal was out in the marsh with a female teal, a N. Harrier soared over the marsh, and numerous Savannah Sparrows and at least one male Common Yellowthroat were along the edge of the water.  A Brown Pelican passed by before we left.

We checked Garretson Point and found large numbers of Scaup out on the water.  Also present were Ruddy Ducks, some Buffleheads, Coots and three Horned Grebes.  There was no water in the marsh across from the parking lot.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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