Blue-winged Teals and Cinnamon Teals at Damon Slough

Minder Cheng

My wife Wen Hsu and I visited Damon Slough at noon earlier today (Friday). Along Garreston Point Trail and Lion Creek, we saw Blue-winged Teals and Cinnamon Teals. The full list of birds are included below:

4 Blue-winged Teal
2 Cinnamon Teal
8 Green-winged Teal (American)
1 Pied-billed Grebe
1 Brown Pelican
1 Great Egret
1 Snowy Egret
1 Red-tailed Hawk
30 American Coot
3 American Avocet
10 Black-bellied Plover
3 Killdeer
15 Marbled Godwit
40 Least Sandpiper
1 Greater Yellowlegs
20 Willet
8 California Gull
2 Anna's Hummingbird
1 California Scrub-Jay
2 Northern Mockingbird
300 European Starling
1 Fox Sparrow
14 White-crowned Sparrow
7 Golden-crowned Sparrow
1 Savannah Sparrow
2 California Towhee
1 House Finch

Some pictures are available at

Minder Cheng


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