Oyster Bay closures

Noah Arthur

I made my first visit of the season to Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in San Leandro today. Access is much curtailed; much of the hilltop and area overlooking the landfill, including the trail leading up to this area from the Neptune Drive entrance, is closed for construction. More importantly, parking is no longer allowed on the terminal block of Davis Street between Doolittle and the park/landfill entrances (parking on this block is now reserved for Alco Ironworks customers), cutting off access to the remaining landfill overlooks, the Bobolink area, "Tufted Duck Slough", and the eucalyptus grove around the gun range. The only possible way to access these areas might be to park at Neptune and walk the entire perimeter of the park; I didn't venture around the perimeter today, and this long route may also be closed by the extensive trail construction project.

The south side of the park, the central pine/cottonwood grove, and the Neptune Drive entrance area were still open. Sparrow flocks here were already impressive; nothing rare but multiple GOLDEN-CROWNED and LINCOLN'S SPARROWS were present, as well as an early 'GAMBEL'S' WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW.

Noah Arthur (Oakland)

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