Thank you for being a member of East Bay Birding-Sightings. This is our monthly reminder sent to the list with information about the group.

East Bay Birding-Sightings is a list intended for reporting interesting and rare bird sightings in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. It is not a general discussion list or place for posting classes, trips, etc. For that we have established East Bay Birding-Discussion.

No photos or attachments can be sent with sightings messages. To share a photo, post it elsewhere and include a link to it in your message to the group. eBirders often use a link to their sightings reports which include photos. Some members have joined the East Bay Birding Affiliated Flickr group, where discussions are also encouraged.

We've been asked to remind list members of various aspects of birding ethics, may which include refraining from posting locations of nests. This topic could be usefully explored further on East Bay Birding-Discussion.

East Bay Birding-Sightings is affiliated with Mt. Diablo Audubon, and members of this list are welcome to attend the monthly program meetings in Walnut Creek. MDAS also offers classes and field trips around the region, so if you're interested in learning more about birding in the area or joining other birders in going out birding, the Chapter can help you find an outing that matches your interests.

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