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Thank you for being a member of EBB-Sightings, “East Bay Birds”.  East Bay Birds is a list service to report interesting and rare bird sightings in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  Because this service goes out to more than 1,000 community members, there are a few rules:



·       Report timely sightings of rare birds that you feel are of community interest. Your description must include specific information about the location. Do not assume that everyone knows which hotspot or park you are referring to.

·       Submit trip reports, day reports and other write-ups of birding outings in the region.

·       Report interesting local birds, yard birds, first-of-season birds or other observations that you find interesting.

·       Include links to eBird reports when applicable.

·       Brief discussions about the birds is encouraged for the purposes of requesting or providing additional insight into sightings, identification tips, locations, or general background information. Lengthy discussion may be cut off by the moderator if it becomes too specific for the community-at-large.

·       Always include your full name and city of residence at the end of your post.



·       No commercial messages or advertisements for bird-related activities.  Bird walks may be announced once, and pelagic trips/charters may be advertised. For everything else, you are requested to post to the Bay Area Events listserv. 

·       No photos or attachments for the time being. You may include links to photos in eBird, Flickr or other internet sites.

·       No posting of out-of-area sightings.



·       Do not insult, belittle, or attack other members by email. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong – ad hominem attacks will result in a ban from the list.

·       We seek to build up the community of birders not to divide it.  Before any disagreement becomes negative, ask yourself whether your response needs to be seen by 1,000+ people, and then send your message privately, not publicly.

·       Jokes or other references to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and politics ALWAYS offend somebody. Just don’t do it, no matter how funny you think it is.

·       Posts that encourage others to violate the ABA Code of Birding Ethics, including trespassing, will be sanctioned and removed.

·       Please do not post the exact locations of nests.

·       Please do not post the exact locations of day-roosting owls, this upsets many members of the community.

·       Please do not post the locations of Sensitive Species, where such visitation by birders could have an adverse impact.

·       When in doubt, first consider the welfare of the bird.

EBB-Sightings is a service provided by the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society for the enjoyment and education of the East Bay birding community.  Please see http://www.mtdiabloaudubon.org for further information about us, our mission, activities and to join Mt. Diablo Audubon.  To view the list archives, set up a vacation hold, change your email address, other settings or to unsubscribe please go to
https://groups.io/g/EBB-Sightings/ or follow the links at the bottom of every message.

This groups.io site archives posts as far back as 2010.  You can use the search bar above to search for old topics.  The earlier EBB archives from 1998 through 2010 can be found at the following website:  https://www.birdwideweb.com/EBB-Search.php 

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