Blue-Gray Tanager!

Mark Rauzon

The Blue-gray Tanager, continuing since April 5 when first found by Dean LaTray and posted to ebird, was present today at Sycamore Grove Park, off of Arroyo Rd in Livermore, across from the Wente winery. It would range from the entrance to Sycamore Grove Park, frequent the riparian area near the bridge, then visit a tall fruiting palm in the winery south parking lot where my photos were largely taken. As I was leaving the park at 6:45, I heard it singing loudly and found it perched on a car mirror, challenging itself to a sing-out.

Not banded, no tail abrasions to indicate it was recently caged, this individual is so far out of its tropical range in Columbia, east of the Andes, as to be considered an escapee, a beautiful exotic. Yet how it found this perfect location, a wet palm/riparian swampy park is anyone's guess.

In my first bird book GOLDEN GUIDE to Field Identification to Birds of North America, (C, Robbins, et al 1966, pg 288), there is a drawing of the white-winged tanager subspecies as being introduced to Miami from tropical America. I had completely forgotten about it until last night in the calm sleeping mind I remembered the drawing, after pouring over the book as a kid. Given to me by my aunt, with the admonition "to see them all', I can finally add this one to the list.

Mark Rauzon

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