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Group to explore possibilities of uploading suitable East Bay Birders' Circle and Mt. Diablo Audubon Society Sightings legacy archival records to eBird.

The Archives are currently hosted on http://ebb.birdwideweb.com, with a Search function available at http://www.birdwideweb.com/EBB-Search.php.

The legacy list of East Bay birding spots compiled for the EBBC and MDASS email groups is now online at http://ebb-places.birdwideweb.com for help with identifying historical sightings locations.

Methods and procedures will be developed based upon the skills, insight, and expertise of the Group members. Best practices will be established to guide the project as it proceeds. Experiences of other similar "historical birding" efforts will be sought, and shared here as they are discovered.

To avoid unnecessary offense to those who may have posted sightings where the original ID is later challenged by a member of this group, the message archives of the EBB-Archives discussions are only accessible to group members, while the original EBBC and MDASS postings remain public. 

This project is offered as a positive, optimistic activity for birders and birdwatchers whose normal excursions and social opportunities may be limited by quarantines and lockdowns during the current pandemic.
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