Ainslie Smith

Hey everyone,

Most of you probably don't know me (I spent most of last year hidden away in the nursery), my name is Ainslie and I'm taking over as volunteer coordinator! It's  now time for all who are coming to co-op this fall to sign up for their volunteer hours- so exciting!

It will take all of us volunteering in classrooms as much as possible to ensure our co-op runs smoothly. While there is no set number of classes required to sign up for, we'd like you to spend at least half your at the co-op in a classroom (for example, if you are at the co-op for all 3 hours, spend 2 in a classroom, or if you are only there for 1 hour, then spend 5 of the 10 weeks in a classroom). 

If you don't have a preference for which class you are in, you can sign up as a floater, but be sure to check in with me each week to see where you're needed. 

Here is the link to the sign up: Each checkmark you mark equals just one week, not the whole session.

An email will be sent out each week reminding you what you are signed up for. You can contact me at painslie73@... if you ever need to cancel or switch something around.

We hope you will sign up for as many classes as you can. More is better! Happy signing up...