The schedule is up! And mostly right!

Nicole Frens

Hello EAGLE Families!

I'm 98% certain that everything listed online is now correct, and as it should be - whahoo!  But yes, if you note an error, or have a question, let me know, and I'll sort it out.  And if you were sneeking a peek before this email, know that quite a few classes have shifted hours, grades, and/or costs. So it's possible what you saw a few days ago has changed.

For those who are new, and those who need a refresher on how to shop for classes, here are some tips:

1. The 'classes' link at the top of the website is where you'll find the full list of classes (it looks different on a phone...hunt, and ye shall find!)
2. The classes can be sorted into hours - only 1st hour, only 2nd hour, or only 3rd hour classes by clicking the appropriate link on the left hand side of the classes page.
3. Also along the left, is our classroom map (not so useful for shopping classes, but that's where it is!)
4. AND, of great use, also along the left, is the class grid, which lists the classes by hour (yellows=1st, greens=2nd, blues=3rd), and by grade (along the top of the colored section). This is a nice way to get an overview of your grade specific choices by hour.

We all know that some of our kids might fall outside of the standard age/grade pairings. If your child needs to be in a class that is either above or below what would otherwise seem 'normal' for his or her age, please contact me privately to get the ok on signing up that way BEFORE registration opens. 

Remember, open registration begins August 30th at 8am.  It's usual for a few classes to be filled up before then with the early registrations from teachers and key volunteers. Registrar Kelley will send out more info on registration in the coming weeks. 

With a big sigh of relief for finally have this task done,  and wishing you a great rest of your August,