Sewing Machine and DVDs with Pictures Now

Nathalie Huynh

I am still cleaning out and found the following.   If interested, please call or text me at 775-762-1777.

1.  Brother LS2000 Sewing Machine used less than a dozen times.  Comes with original manual and DVD.  20 Stitch function.  Here are reviews of the same machine on Wal-Mart:  

A comparable one is selling with 17 stitch function is selling for close to $90.

   This is a great beginner machine for a little girl.  $40.00. Machine has been kept in an armoire inside the house.

2.  Blue Planet, Planet Earth, and National Geographic 7 DVD-Roms with digitized magazines from 1888 to not sure precisely when but according to the cover there are over 1,400 issues, over 200,000 photos, and over 8,000 articles.  Never used.  All for $25.00.

3.  10 Disney DVDs (titles are as pictured).  Several are limited edition ones.  Sold as a set for $20.00.

Thanks for looking.