Orientation this week!

Nicole Frens

Hello EAGLE Families!

In case you're so scrambled that you haven't connected all the dots - THIS Thursday is our epic Orientation!  Mandatory for all who will be attending EAGLE this session, starting at 1pm sharp (ish) at RCF. Get ready to:

Pay for classes (exact cash or check, please)!

Change around classes (drop/add) if needed!

Sign up for volunteer hours if you haven't yet!

Learn about new stuff for this session!

Learn/be reminded about old stuff that's always in play!

Show your kids where their rooms will be if you'd like!

And otherwise see each other again, meet some teachers, and get psyched for another great session of co-op!

Didn't that just all look SO exciting?!  :)

Let's circle back to the orange, 3rd point. Volunteer hours. I'm not saying I'm in panic mode QUITE yet...but there's a LOT of holes still in our SignUp Genius lists. Please note that I've conveniently linked the aforementioned signup to those words, so's you can click and get busy.  Everyone, but nearly everyone needs to help us out with being in classrooms, and it will be MUCH easier if you do it from the comfort of your own home (jammies and all if need be!). But if you need help signing up, we can do that at orientation, no problem.

Thanks, everyone, and I'll see you on Thursday!