Happy Dog Days of Summer!

Nicole Frens

Hello EAGLE families!

I wrote that subject line, then had to go down the rabbit hole of seeing what it even meant. Dog days - the heliacal rise of Sirius (the dog star) while it is the hottest. Heliacal rise - visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise. This year, the Dog Days are July 12-August 20th. We are officially in the zone.

Phew. Now we know. Please keep it to yourself if you already knew that, as I'm super busy feeling quite erudite, as should you.

So! Washoe school are back in session in exactly one month. Ew, huh? 

EAGLE starts up on September 19th, with orientation (mandatory for all, mark your calendars now!) on Sept. 12th from 1-3pm. But those 2 months of freedom between now and then don't mean I'm not working myself silly for us all - nope. I'm suffering through having tea dates with potential teachers (ok, I'd 'suffer' through a tea date if you asked me to come to one in order to talk about the fine art of toe nail clipping - I love tea dates!), and I've been pouring over all the great offers to teach classes, sorting them out by grade and age and classroom...I'm on it.

Well, I'm on it other than the part where I recently emailed everyone who I have down as a teacher, and of the 20, I've heard back from 3. Three. I'm remaining chill (in a sweaty fashion) over this, knowing it'll all work out...but go ahead and write back if this is you. :)  As soon as I get class info, I'll start putting it on our website - My goal is to have it all up before I head to Idaho next weekend.

Meanwhile, we've had at least one fun day this summer, planned by our official FriendRaiser, Jerri Ann, and though I was in Michigan at the time, I trust it was, indeed fun! Hopefully there will be more EAGLE fun days this summer - stay tuned!

I have great news, if you haven't already heard - IMPACT is back to up and running!  I've met (tea date!) with their fantastic new Program Director, Cassandra, and have been in  contact with their class organizer and am happy to say that they are going to have a strong re-start. Yay!  The Reno Metro Area is definitely big enough to need more than one large 'general' co-op.

By 'general' I mean 'generally super cool'. Of course. Otherwise that was a boring descriptor.

We've had loads of new subscribers to our group - welcome!  I was thinking of those of you just starting out homeschooling, and my friends who have been at it for years and years when I got an email recently about an online homeschool conference coming up - of which there are probably many - and thought that it would be 'generally super cool' if we could share our best resources with each other. So I'll start!

I'm a huge fan of Thomas Jefferson Education, and the TJ Ed folks have their online conference for both adults AND youth coming up soon. And for the next 2 days the adult conference is $25 instead of $45 (so I jumped on that!). Click here for the link and if you scroll half way down, you'll see the lineup of fantastic topics they'll be covering. And you can go here for the lineup of topics for your teens. It's $20 for their talks- my kids are signed up now because I got SO excited looking at the topics that I hit the 'me! me! me!' button before I could ask them if they are interested :) They will be.

HECOA's annual Not Back to School online conference is coming up in September and is where I originally heard my hero Greg Denning speak. There's nothing to do for it yet, but if you want to keep tabs on this group, go here.

That's what I've got for you for now. 

Enjoy these Dog Days while they last!  (I'll be secretly counting down to the start of winter...)