Farewell Mila

Nicole Frens

I met Mila Farrell's daughter, Haley, many co-op sessions ago. She always came to us through unusual means because her mother was ill, but she was such a joy to have  in our classes! Then at our fundraiser last fall, I got to meet Mila. What a honor to meet her, and talk with her about life! She had the stuff that we can all hope to have when the chips are down.  So loving. So positive. So engaged.

The chips aren't down for her any longer, she's back with her Creator now.  This Saturday the family is having a celebration of life. From the Facebook page, here are the details (that's a link to the page, where you can see the pictures he mentions - they're very sweet:

Saturday September 14th is the date. South Lake Tahoe's Eldorado Beach will be the spot where her ashes are going to be spread into the lake.That picture of Mila sitting on the dock with hands reaching to the clouds held so much value to her. It marked a moment of extreme peace she had during this difficult time. Haley and I went up there today to find that same comfort. 3:00 is when we will start and the gathering point is the boat ramp to the left. Pass the light on Lakeview Ave. and almost right away turn right into a parking lot.

Our hearts go out to Tom, Haley, Ed, and all of Mila's family and friends. She was quite a lady, and will be missed!