Fall co-op session, nearly ready! Yes, yes, this message is LONG!

Nicole Frens

Hello EAGLE Families!

Who's super geeked with me about our upcoming school year?  Or are you stubbornly enjoying your summer and NOT thinking about the coming months?  Of course there's a third option - happy to get back into the game, but wondering exactly where summer has slipped away to, because you (like I) had all these romantic notions of researching junk that would make the school year so much richer and more enjoyable by all?  ha!  No matter where you're at, or what you've done or haven't done to prepare for this year, know this:

It's coming. 


And I've finally managed, mostly while on vacation, to fully piece together our class schedule. After having announced (remember?) that we needed 'just 3 more classes'  at our showcase extravaganza last session, things...shifted. A lot. So, while on vacation, mind you, I've scrambled to find new classes for us. That's my excuse for why, once again, I'm getting our session announced so late, despite all that 'nearly done' happiness I announced months ago. :)

Ok, Onward! Upward!  Give me another day or so to make sure I haven't made wicked heinous errors, and the schedule will be online. I'll let you know when it's 'officially' online, which will not be when it's 'actually' online. I need to put it up first so all the teachers can double check my work, remind me of that critical bit of info they told me before that I forgot to account for which will then force me to blow up the whole schedule and do it again, etc. etc. This is my 4th year doing this, you know, and I KNOW that the blow-up will come. <Ack, I'm cringing just a little bit on the inside thinking about it!> 

Anyway. The schedule will be up soon. And I WILL tell you when it's right, so you can start plotting and planning.  Only when registration opens will the 'register' buttons appear (in theory), until then, it won't look like anything more than just descriptions. Please only register when it's YOUR time (or else we have more work to do on the back end to unregister you and let you know you jumped the gun, etc) - here's the schedule:

Early registration - for teachers and the board- will begin Monday August 26th. Key volunteers will be able to register on Wednesday the 28th. Registrar Kelley will send out emails letting you know that you qualify for either of these, as well as a mass message to all making sure that if you think you qualify for it, that you got that email. For all others, general registration begins Friday August 30th

For those who have registered for classes with us in the last 2 years - you have a username and password that you must use, and if you guess wrongly at it 3 times, you'll be locked out and frustration will ensue, and you'll have to ask me to ask our web dude to unlock you so you can try again. Therefore - dig out that info now. And, should you have forgotten your username, know that *I* have the power to remind you. Yes!  I stumbled across the usernames screen while poking around yesterday, so I thought I'd let you all know. If you've forgotten it, ask me and I'll tell you. But I don't have your password, so hopefully if you didn't write it down, you used something you'll easily guess in 1 or 2 tries.

For those who have NOT registered for classes with us before, you'll create an account when you check out (after 'shopping' for classes). And please, write down your username and password that you create. :) 

There is no payment at the time of registration, you'll do that at our orientation.  Payment needs to be either cash or check, and if needed, a payment schedule can be set up.

Volunteer signups (because, don'tchaknowit, we ALL need to volunteer our guts out to make this the great co-op that it is!), will begin...later.  We'll sign up online again, using Signup Genius, and I'll let you know what we need from everyone once we've all registered.

Orientation is Thursday Sept. 12th at 1pm at RCF. I'd like everyone to attend so we can all be on the same page with all things EAGLE. Plus, you get to hear me cheer us on. And meet some teachers. And tour the church if you're new. And pay. And other junk.  It'll be a good time - do come!

This email is long enough, so I'll just end it now. More will come in the next few days & weeks.

Happy end of summer!