fall 2019 registration

Kelley Radow

Hello homeschool families, and welcome back to another session at EAGLE Co-Op!  As always, Nicole has worked hard over break and put together some amazing classes and schedule for fall.  If you get a minute, please tell her thank you!
EARLY REGISTRATION will open on Monday, August 26th for TEACHERS only.  If you are eligible for EARLY registration you will receive an email letting you know.  
PRIORITY REGISTRATION will open on Wednesday, August 28th for KEY VOLUNTEERS.  Again, you will receive an email advising if you're in this group.  
NOTE!!  EAGLE is still in need of a hospitality person who will receive PRIORITY registration so let Nicole or I know if you are willing to take this on.  This involves setting up tea and coffee each week and some light snacks for parents.  Supplies and expenses are paid by EAGLE, simply need a person to organize and handle.  

We are also in need of someone to maintain our website. Ideally, you'd have some experience with website maintenance, but we can train! This will include some sprucing up of the current website, and then uploading new info as each session comes up.
GENERAL REGISTRATION will open on Friday, August 30th for all remaining families.  
1. Please do NOT register before August 30th if you are not eligible for EARLY or PRIORITY registration
2. If you think you should get EARLY or PRIORITY registration and do NOT receive an email indicating you are eligible, please contact Nicole or Kelley ASAP
3. You will create an account or login to your existing account at the END of registering for classes on or after your eligible date - accounts can't be created or accessed early (before registration opens) - it's wonky - we know!
4. Remember, 1st choice classes may not be available but use secondary choices for kids to explore other interests, take on leadership roles (if older) or challenging roles (if younger) in a class, and make new friends
Any problems or questions - kelley@... or nicole@....
See you soon!

Kelley Radow, Registrar