1st week, here we come!

Nicole Frens

Hello EAGLE Families!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our orientation meeting last week! If you weren't there, then YOU missed seeing me make a fool of myself. Your loss, and I'm not telling you what happened!  I have a few items to remind you of, and a few KEY items that I failed to mention at the meeting. So let's start with the super important stuff on the chance that you feel a case of Glazed Eyes coming on...

1. ALLERGIES!  We have one beloved family joining us this session who is airborn anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts, meaning, please no one partake of those items before and definitely not during co-op!  You've been emailed specifically if you're in one of the critical classrooms, but it's important for us all to do our part and eat something else on Thursdays. Please note - many of us have allergies, so let me know if there's anything we all, or even just a few select teachers should know to help keep you and your kids healthy, and for sure, out of the ER!

2. Volunteers!  Since most of us will be helping out in a class at some point, I wanted to make sure that we all know in broad strokes what to do. Communicate with the teacher to see what he/she needs. And help keep everyone focused. The class volunteer's biggest role is usually talking kindly to any student who needs to be reminded to pay attention, not be disruptive, stop making that loud percussive noise on the table, etc. Most of us don't have any training in classroom management - I for one am known to instill a LOT of enthusiastic chaos in my classes, with minimal skills on reigning it back in - so help keep things sane. And for those of you (Becky!) who maintain a calm classroom at all times (so mysterious!), just have your helpers assist any kids who need it.

3. Arrive early!  Especially first week, come a good 10 minutes early to your first class so you have time to fetch the name tags off of the wall, get a drink, and sort out which rooms you're in. But even after this week, PLAN to arrive a few minute early so the classes can start on time, and kids aren't running out to go to the bathroom during class.

That's all I had on my nifty to-do list. Chances that I'll remember something else I REALLY wanted to tell you....65%.  So I might be sending out another message soon. If not, I'll see you on Thursday!