ANC 2B01 - Reasons to Support Matthew Sampson #anc #safety #community

Tim Touchette

My name is Tim Touchette.  I've lived in Dupont Circle for 21 years and am raising my family here.  My business is located in the neighborhood and my kids went to Ross Elementary down the block. I am 100% invested in my community which is why I am writing to you today.

I am supporting Matthew Sampson for ANC 2B01. For the past two years, Matthew has worked to make our neighborhood safer and more pedestrian / environmentally-friendly.  

I DO NOT support his opponent, Meg Roggensack, and ask that you hear me out before you consider voting for her.  I do not believe that Ms. Roggensack represents our Dupont Circle values. I speak from experience as I have been tied up in a lawsuit brought on by Ms. Roggensack for over three years. 


This is my story:  In 2014 my family was renovating our newly purchased home.  We were new to this level of renovation work, so we worked hard to obtain all permits and permissions from DCRA.  On September 30th, 2014, I sent Ms.Roggensack an email asking to meet in person because I heard she was upset about our construction.  She replied saying she would agree to meet at the office of her attorney. After the work was approved by city officials and we moved into our home, Ms. Roggensack turned to the courts and filed a 120 paragraph complaint - yes 120 paragraphs against myself, my wife and the contractors we hired.  The lawsuit is still ongoing. It’s public information and I invite you to read it.  

Ms.Roggensack is suing us and did not reach out to us directly about her concerns. This suit was filed after numerous stop-work orders and complaints were filed to DCRA - which were subsequently fixed and approved by the city. Even after we received all of our permits from DC and did our renovations in accordance with DC's laws so our family could safely live in our new home, she is suing us.  There was no open dialogue, there was no fair and reasonable attempt to talk as neighbors, just 120 paragraphs. This directly contradicts one of the reasons Ms. Roggensack says she is running for ANC. She says she wants "A district whose residents look out for one another and, when they disagree, do so with civility and good intentions" but I can tell you first hand that Ms.Roggensack does NOT act in a manner of civility or good intentions. Ms. Roggensack's actions belie her words.

I support open communication and the ability for people to work things out in a friendly and direct manner which is why I am voting for Matthew Sampson for ANC 2B01. Matthew has shown that he takes action FOR his community and WITH his neighbors. His opponent Meg Roggensack has proven she will campaign to attract votes, but her actions will primarily benefit only herself.  

- Tim Touchette