New DUDE-Star Version (Bug Fix)

John vk3hjq

Hi all,

RE: New DUDE-Star Version (Bug Fix)

I have a problem using "DUDE-Star 32-bit git build f4d2d9a" on FreeDMR Australia, RX OK, but NO TX.

The FIX:
"Need to update Dude/Droid Star.....  the issue was fixed recently, it wasn't generating properly random stream IDs and therefore the FreeDMR Loop Detection won't allow TX.
It was a bug fixed in DudeStar. Simon G7RZU (developer of the freedmr server fork and bridge protocol) confirmed this, and he was the one who requested it fixed in DudeStar."

Anyone have a copy of the new DUDE-Star 32-bit version.


John vk3hjq :-)

Stu Lloyd WI3J

I have an old ASUS Netbook running windows 32bit OS. I installed the 32bit version of DudeStar
about a week ago. I noticed on the setup tab there's not a check box to enable TX toggle
and there's only one line to enter a DMR password. The 64 bit version has the TX toggle
check box and there's two lines to enter the BM passcode and the TGIF Network password.
Could those items be added in a future release of the 32bit version. Thanks.