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- Volume 15, Issue 36, March 2, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

New links in these categories:





05: HTML5.




09: TOOLS.



11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 First Public Working Draft

By Joshue O Connor.

"The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) is very happy to
announce that the first public working draft of the new Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is available..."

Quick Guide to WCAG 2.1 First Public Working Draft

By David MacDonald.

"What's new and how to submit comments..."

Alexa 100 Accessibility Updates

By Jared Smith.

"...The number of errors found has increased 60% over the last 5 years
- from an average of 25 errors in 2011 to 40 errors in 2017..."

What We Found When We Tested Tools on the World's Least-Accessible Webpage

By Mehmet Duran.

"We recently conducted an audit of automated accessibility testing
tools. We built a website full of accessibility fails to test them on.
We've published our findings here. In this blog post we talk about
what we did and what we discovered."

Screen Reader and Browser Combination for Accessibility

By Rakesh Paladugula.

"Screen reader testing is a common action item while testing for

Inclusive Design Fundamentals

By Dennis Lembrée, Caitlin Geier, and Matthew Isner.

Resources from the Inclusive Design Fundamentals Workshop.


The Benefits of Learning How to Code Layouts With CSS

By Jen Simmons.

"Yesterday, I wrote about CSS Grid. Ted Mazer responded by asking on
Twitter: 'As a beginning front end developer, is it going to be
beneficial to jump right into becoming proficient at this layout
style?'..." benefits-learning-how-code-layouts-css


Role of Data in Measuring UX

By Priya Saraswat.

"Rainy afternoon and a mundane workday. I was sitting at my desk when
a mail pop up in my inbox with subject - 'Request Completed - XXX
Performance data from Nov 2016 to Jan 2017'..."

Agile-Friendly Ways to Think About Usability Testing

By Luke Smith.

"...How usability testing makes its way in can depend on the product
owner's approach or the organization's UX maturity. When it works
well, there is a common pragmatism that helps makes the tortured
relationship more like a healthy marriage. The differences between
Agile and UX are not irreconcilable; as with many things, attitude
seems to be the key in making it work. There are plenty of good guides
out there on how to get user testing done in an Agile environment..."

How to Collaborate with Stakeholders in UX Research

By Susan Farrell.

"To make UX research more efficient and effective, get everyone
involved. When teams understand user concerns and usability issues,
they become better at preventing problems."

Against 'Shoot First, Ask Questions Later' - My Response to 'User

Research is Overrated'

By Barry Prendergast.

"I have just read 'User Research is Overrated' by Jonathan Courtney
over at AJ Smart and I feel compelled to respond..."

+04: EVENTS.

Web Design: Landmarks, Headings, Page Titles and Navigation
March 15, 2017.
Online. badging#web_design_landmarks_headings_page_titles_and_navigation_6

Building Drupal's Solid Accessibility Defaults
March 16, 2017.

March 22-24, 2017.
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Destination Code
March 27-30, 2017.
Eden, Utah, U.S.A.

UX in the City: Manchester
April 4-5, 2017.
Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Boston UX Conference
April 9-13, 2017.
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

LX Leading Experience
April 24-25, 2017.
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

+05: HTML5.


By Tim Berners-Lee.

"The question which has been debated around the net is whether W3C
should endorse the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) standard which
allows a web page to include encrypted content, by connecting an
existing underlying Digital Rights Management (DRM) system in the
underlying platform..."

The Myth of Automated Heading Outlines

By Sarah E. Bourne.

"...heading and content hierarchies are based on the authors' intent
and the what they are trying to communicate. No algorithm can read a
person's mind, so if you want your heading levels useful and
meaningful, you have to do it yourself..."


Using IA and Plain Language to Make Federal Websites More Usable

By Anne Dougherty.

"In its simplest form, information architecture is defined as 'The
practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be
understandable,' according to the Information Architecture
Institute..." using-ia-and-plain-language-to-make-federal-websites-more-usable/


ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing

By Bryan Garaventa.

"One of the most significant challenges with ARIA support is
determining support level differences between assistive technology and
browser combinations, and doing so in a structured manner so that bugs
can be accurately and reliably submitted to AT venders so that these
support levels can steadily increase equally..." aria-widget-checklist-screen-reader-testing/


7 Navigational Implementations that Make Kohl's 'Best in Class'

By Christian Holst.

"After usability testing 19 leading e-commerce sites and subsequently
benchmarking 50 major e-commerce sites (twice) on Homepage & Category
UX performance, and finally analyzing the 7,900+ manually reviewed UX
parameters in that benchmark database, we find that..."

+09: TOOLS.

Accessibility Color Wheel

By Giacomo Mazzocato.

"Choose a foreground color by pointing the mouse over the wheel or the
vertical grey gradation strip and click or, if you have a touch
screen, just touch them. Then click the "Background" button and choose
a background color the same way. If a checkmark becomes visible the
color pair is good for accessibility. Otherwise change one color or
both by selecting foreground or background with the buttons."


By International Business Machines (IBM).

"Va11yS, or Verified Accessibility Samples, is a repository of live

working code samples that designers and developers can easily access
to test with different assistive technologies and tools."


What is Lean UX?

By Jonathan Follett.

"Streamlining user experience for an increasingly agile world..."

Optimizing for Context in the Omnichannel User Experience

By Kim Flaherty.

"Design for each channel's unique strengths and role in the customer
journey to create usable context-specific experiences."

Video of the Week: Karen McGrane -
Adaptive Content, Context, and Controversy

By John Allsopp.

"Video of the Week is back for 2017. These are videos of full length
conference presentations, typically 45 minutes to an hour long, often
keynotes and always fascinating..." video-week-karen-mcgrane-adaptive-content-context-controversy-2/

[Section one ends.]


+11: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

Drupal Information.

Evaluation & Testing Information.

Event Information.

HTML Information.

Information Architecture Information.

JavaScript Information.

Miscellaneous Web Information.

Navigation Information.

PHP Information.

Sites & Blogs Listing.

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

Tool Information.

Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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