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- Volume 17, Issue 39, March 21, 2019. 

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SECTION ONE: New references. 
What's new at the Web Design Reference site? 
New links in these categories: 

04: EVENTS. 
05: HTML. 
10: TOOLS. 

12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

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++ SECTION ONE: New references. 


Your Accessibility Toolbar Doesn't Help 
By Joe Dolson. 
"Mr. Borghi is not certain whether adding this unidentified WordPress 
plug-in made him fully compliant - but I can readily suggest an 
answer: No, it didn't…" 

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Checklist 
By Access W3. 
"Dynamic Checklist with Success Criteria copied from WCAG 2.1 Standard…" 

Collecting Dates in an Accessible Way 
By Graham Armfield. 
"…this post looks at the pros and cons of a variety of methods for 
collecting date, and our views on the best practices…" 

Accessibility, a Powerful Design Tool 
By Hubert Florin. 
"…Accessibility is not a constraint: It is a design philosophy that 
encourages you to make better choices for your users, and helps you 
focus on what really matters. Simplicity will always be the most 
difficult target to reach in a design, and accessibility can be one of 
the best tools to get you there…" 

Diversity and Design 
By Dana Morgan. 
"How inclusive design and accessibility can make a difference with 
everyday products…" 

Summary of CSUN ATC 2019 
By Dennis Lembrée. 
"…few announcements made, photos, and some fun tweets! Lastly, links 
to past CSUN events are listed…" 

Great Big List - CSUN 2019 Presentation Links 
By Dennis Lembrée and Christopher Phillips. 

CSUN 2019 Round-up 
By Steve Faulkner. 
"Every year the people of TPG make the pilgrimage to CSUN…" 

Top 36 Web Accessibility Resources for Digital Marketing Companies 
By Kim Krause Berg. 
"…The purpose of this article is to provide you with: The best tools 
for accessibility testing. Recommendations for trusted accessibility 
testing companies. A list of reputable people and resources in the 
accessibility industry…" 

Q&A: The Forest and the Trees: Scaling for Enterprise-Level Digital 
By Samantha Sauld. 
"…Kathryn Weber-Hottleman, who serves as UCONN's IT Accessibility 
Coordinator, discusses how institutional accessibility impacts the 
procurement process and pre-existing standalone digital products. 
Below is the Q&A portion of the webinar…" 

The Web We Broke 
By Ethan Marcotte. 
"I read something last Monday, and I can't stop thinking about it…" 

Perpetuating Harm 
By Winston Hearn. 
"I've been thinking about the people that use the websites I build. 
I've been thinking about them, because I've been learning how much who 
they are differs from who I imagine them to be…" 

Holy Cross Settles Lawsuit Over Website Accessibility for Blind Users 
By Scott O'Connell. 
"The College of the Holy Cross has reached a settlement with a New 
York man who sued the college, saying its website was not accessible 
to visually impaired users like himself, court records show…" 


How to Keep Your CSS Grid Layouts Accessible 
By Anna Monus. 
"…CSS Grid can also lead to accessibility issues, mainly for screen 
reader and keyboard-only users. This guide will help you avoid those 

Stacked 'Borders' 
By Eric A. Meyer. 
"…It turns out there are a number of tricks to create the effect of 
stacking one border atop another by combining a border with some other 
CSS effects, or even without actually requiring the use of any borders 
at all. Let's explore, shall we…" 

Why Can't I Set the Font Size of a Visited Link? 
By James H. Fisher. 
"…This security hole has been plugged by not allowing a:visited to set 
the font-size…" 


Perform an Accessibility Review on Your Website 
By Indiana University. 
"These documents are intended for web developers, and provide a 
holistic process for performing an initial pass of evaluating your 
website for accessibility…" 

Keep Your Opinions Out of an Expert Design Review (Video) 
By Aurora Harley. 
"Critiquing a design is not the same as criticizing a design. Keep 
opinions out of design reviews to remain objective and increase the 
value of the design assessment." 

Do Survey Grids Affect Responses? 
By Jeff Sauro. 
"…While using a grid allows for a more compact presentation, does 
combining the items into a grid of rating scales versus asking them in 
isolation affect responses…" 

+04: EVENTS. 

User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) Conference 
June 25-27, 2019. 
Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A. 

Symposium on Eye Tracking Research 
June 25-28, 2019. 
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. 

Patterns Day 
June 28, 2019. 
Brighton, England, United Kingdom 

AHEAD 2019, Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education 
July 9-13, 2019. 
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 

International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP) 
July 11-13, 2019. 
Linz, Austria 

Design & Content Conference 
July 17-19, 2019. 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

HCI International 
July 26-31, 2019. 
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. 

+05: HTML. 

About the HTML Epidemic, WebAIM 'Millions' Report, and Teach Access 
By Dennis Lembree. 
"It's been about a dozen years since I first realized that there is a 
world-wide HTML epidemic…" 


Why Website Information Architecture is the Ultimate Digital Team Sport 
By Ian Roddis. 
"…The question I asked at work (in a room of 20 people) was 'who owns 
IA?'. As I'll say at the end, this was the wrong question, but it 
stimulated a lot of views and caused a lot of reflection on my part…" 


The OpenJS Foundation Officially Formed for the JavaScript Community 
By Christina Cardoza. 
"The Linux Foundation today announced the formation of a new 
JavaScript community…" 

The 'Developer Experience' Bait-and-Switch 
By Alex Russell. 
"we cannot continue to use as much JavaScript as is now 'normal' and 
expect the web to flourish…" 


Canary in a Coal Mine: How Tech Provides Platforms for Hate 
By Tatiana Mac. 
"Like a mine can fill up with toxic gasses, technology can become a 
toxic platform for hate. As the people building the web, we have an 
ethical responsibility for how these products are used-whether we 
intended it or not. ALA's own Tatiana Mac lays this out using her own 
experience as a woman of color in tech." 

Accessibility within AR/VR: Jonathan Avila on the AT Banter Podcast 
By Jonathan Avila. 
"I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on AT Banter: An 
Assistive Technology Podcastf…" 

Q&A With Léonie Watson, Accessibility Engineer and Director, TetraLogical 
By Equal Entry. 
"Léonie Watson is Director of TetraLogical, an inclusive design 
company focused on emerging and existing technologies, customer 
experience, and research and development, combined with a mix of 
traditional accessibility consultancy…" 

I Used The Web For A Day On Internet Explorer 8 
By Chris Ashton. 
"IE8 was released a decade ago today. Chris Ashton tries it out 
against the modern web, and considers how we can build our sites to 


Contextual Menus: Delivering Relevant Tools for Tasks 
By Anna Kaley. 
"Contextual menus are displayed on demand and contain a small set of 
relevant actions, related to a control, a piece of content, a view in 
an app, or an area of the UI. When designed right, they deliver 
relevant tools for completing tasks without adding clutter to the 

+10: TOOLS. 

CC Converter Tool: Convert Captions or Subtitle Files to Different 
Formats Online 
By 3PlayMedia. 
"The caption format converter lets you convert from SRT (SubRip 
subtitle) or from SBV to Flash DFXP, SMI or SAMI (Windows Media), SCC, 
CPT.XML (Flash Captionate XML), QT (QuickTime), STL (Spruce Subtitle 
File), and WebVTT (HTML5 media players). Note that for the SCC format, 
your input file must have 32 characters or less per line…" 

Microsoft Open Sources Accessibility Insights 
By Keith Ballinger. 
"Today we're announcing the open sourcing of Accessibility Insights 
for Windows and Accessibility Insights for Web, a set of two free 
tools to help developers easily find and fix common accessibility 
issues early in the dev cycle…" 

Accessibility Insights 

Axe Enters into New Forays 
By Sathish Kumar. 
"…In a recent joint press release at CSUN 2019, Deque Systems and 
Microsoft have announced their partnership to release Axe for Android 
and iOS…" 


Teenager's UX: Designing for Teens 
By Alita Joyce and Jakob Nielsen. 
"Teens are (over)confident in their web abilities, but they perform 
worse than adults. Lower reading levels, impatience, and undeveloped 
research skills reduce teens' task success and require simple, 
relatable sites. 

[Section one ends.] 


+12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

Accessibility Information. 

Association Information. 

Book Listings. 

Cascading Style Sheets Information. 

Color Information. 

Drupal Information. 

Evaluation & Testing Information. 

Event Information. 

HTML Information. 

Information Architecture Information. 

JavaScript Information. 

Miscellaneous Web Information. 

Navigation Information. 

PHP Information. 

Sites & Blogs Listing. 

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information. 

Tool Information. 

Typography Information. 

Usability Information. 

XML Information. 

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