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- Volume 15, Issue 39, March 23, 2017.

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SECTION ONE: New references.

What's new at the Web Design Reference site?

New links in these categories:





05: HTML5.




09: TOOLS.


11: XML.


12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

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++ SECTION ONE: New references.


Sounding Out the Web: Accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People [Part 2]

By David Swallow.

"...Ruth shares some of the things that make life easier for her on
the web, and we offer some practical tips on how you can improve
accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people..."

WCAG 2.1 - It's Here!

By Chris Pycroft.

"After much deliberation and fine-tuning, the highly-anticipated first
draft of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 has been
released for public comment..."

Mythbuster's Guide to Accessibility

By Nick Heiner.

"What We've Learned About 508 Compliance That All Technologists Can Use..."

United Airline's Accessibility Journey (Video)

By Dennis Deacon.

"In this presentation, Chicago's very own United Airlines outlines the
journey towards an integrated accessibility program across all digital
interactions with customers, including remediating two transactional
and informational channels. The result was an award-winning website
with major improvements to its website accessibility, particularly for
visitors using screen readers. This extra effort, above and beyond
that needed just for accessibility compliance, made the company's site
one of the easiest to access and use in the airline industry."

Cognitive Accessibility 103

By Jamie Knight.

"This article is a summery of a presentation I gave at CSUN in San
Diego on the 2nd of March 2017."


By Rajendra Jaladi.

"Earlier developers use to customize the html tags like div, ul, and
li in order to group the related elements in a drop-down list. Most of
such customized widgets are not keyboard accessible and not screen
reader friendly making them completely inaccessible..."

7 Web Accessibility Predictions for 2017 and Implications for You

By Cassi Price.

" are our predictions for the rest of 2017..."

Accessibility Business Case: Spending Your Money Intelligently

By Karl Groves.

"Frequent readers know I write a lot about the business case for

Why UC-Berkeley is Restricting Access to Thousands of Online Lecture Videos

By Sarah Larimer.

"...The online videos from the University of California at Berkeley
offered a free sample of world-class instruction in topics such as
computer science, bioengineering and public health..."


Hassle-free Full Bleed with *:not()

By Dave Rupert.

"Breaking out of container DIVs with this one weird trick..."

CSS Grid Layout and Accessibility (Hat Tip to Jennifer Sutton)

By Alexander Ermolaev, Jean-Yves Perrier, scuveedog, and Rachel Andrew.

" it possible to go too far with this idea? Is it possible that
we could create an accessibility issue through our use of grids?..." CSS_Grid_Layout/CSS_Grid_Layout_and_Accessibility

CSS Grid Fallbacks and Overrides

By Rachel Andrew.

"In the interest of not giving the same information to people on
Twitter all day every day, here is another cheatsheet..." css-grid-fallbacks-and-overrides/


How to Get the Most Value Out of Remote User Research (Without

Breaking the Bank)

By Rian Van Der Merwe.

"One of the things I love most about the user research process is
that, with a little bit of planning, it scales to fit whatever
time/resource budget you have..." how-to-get-the-most-value-out-of-remote-user-research

8 Things to Consider When Using Online Panels

By Jeff Sauro.

"...Here are 8 things to consider when using a panel in your next
online research study..."

+04: EVENTS.

Ask the UXperts: Accessible Design: Which everyone do you mean? - with
Derek Featherstone
March 30, 2017.

Funka Accessibility Days
April 4-5, 2017.
Stockholm, Sweden

Generate San Francisco
June 9, 2017.
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

DinosaurJS Conference
June 15, 2017.
Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

June 19-22, 2017.
San Jose, California, U.S.A.

WPCampus Conference
July 14-15, 2017.
Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.

+05: HTML5.

Inclusive Components

By Heydon Pickering.

"A blog trying to be a pattern library. Each post explores the design
of a robust, accessible interface component."

How You Can Use HTML5 Custom Data Attributes and Why

By Gajendar Singh.

"In this article, I am going to show you how you can use HTML5 custom
data attributes. I'm also going to present you with some use cases
that you can find helpful in your work as a developer..."


Presenting Our New Taxonomy Beta!

By Graeme Claridge.

"...When finished, the taxonomy will group together all content on the
site in a meaningful and intuitive way, using a hierarchical
structure. It will consist of many 'topics' and 'subtopics', to which
all content items will be tagged..."


ECMAScript 2017 and Beyond (Video)

By Axel Rauschmayer.

Dr Rauschmayer's 1 hour presentation at the Rolling Scopes conference
in Belarus.


I Invented the Web. Here Are Three Things We Need to Change to Save It

By Tim Berners-Lee.

"...over the past 12 months, I've become increasingly worried about
three new trends, which I believe we must tackle in order for the web
to fulfill its true potential as a tool that serves all of
humanity..." tim-berners-lee-web-inventor-save-internet

Met Museum Makes 375,000 Images Free

By Joshua Barone.

"All images of public-domain artworks in the Metropolitan Museum of
Art's collection - about 375,000 - are now free for anyone to use
however they may please..." met-museum-makes-375000-images-available-for-free.html

+09: TOOLS.

Hex Naw

By The Scenery.

"Hex Naw is a tool that helps designers and developers test entire
color systems for contrast and accessibility..."


Scanning Patterns on the Web Are Optimized for the Current Task
By Kara Pernice.

"How users attend to information on a page depends on their tasks and
goals, as confirmed by new eyetracking research. Good design promotes
efficient scanning. In usability studies, (biased) task formulation
may tip users to discover features."

Experience Design: Bridging Brand Intention and Brand Interpretation

By Kate Kaplan.

"Branding elements and interaction design guidelines can bridge the
gap between how a company constructs its identity and how its
customers experience it."

The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

By Interaction Design.

"Let's take a look at each factor in turn and what it means for the
overall user experience..." the-7-factors-that-influence-user-experience

A Rant Against Pretty Designs

By Miklos Philips.

"Digital product designers worth their salt and wanting to elevate
their game know it's essential to leave their ego at the door and to
steer clear of unnecessary flourishes, self-serving public parading,
and pointless audience seduction..."

+11: XML.

7 Solutions for Creating More Accessible SVGs

By SA Team.

"...Here are some things to consider when it comes to SVGs and accessibility..."

[Section one ends.]


+12: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site?

Accessibility Information.

Association Information.

Book Listings.

Cascading Style Sheets Information.

Color Information.

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Evaluation & Testing Information.

Event Information.

HTML Information.

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JavaScript Information.

Miscellaneous Web Information.

Navigation Information.

PHP Information.

Sites & Blogs Listing.

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information.

Tool Information.

Typography Information.

Usability Information.

XML Information.

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