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SECTION ONE: New references. 
What's new at the Web Design Reference site? 
New links in these categories: 

03: COLOR. 
04: DRUPAL. 
06: EVENTS. 
07: HTML. 

13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

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++ SECTION ONE: New references. 


Accessibility for Vestibular Disorders: How My Temporary Disability 
Changed My Perspective 
By Facundo Corradini. 
"Every time I encountered [parallax effects], I would put the bucket 
beside me to good use and be forced to lie in bed for hours as I felt 
the room spinning around me…" 

1.4.13: Content on Hover or Focus 
By Rakesh Paladugula. 
"…People with low vision who depends on magnifier, those who have the 
habit of using large cursor benefit from this success criterion. 
Similarly people with low vision and cognitive challenges who need 
more time to identify the additional content on the screen benefit 
from this success criterion…" 

WCAG 2.1 in 7 Perspectives 
By Cindy McCourt. 
"…Making a website accessible isn't just about code. It calls for a 
high degree of awareness each time content is added. Maintenance and 
auditing processes are essential to ensuring accessibility…" 

Accessibility Lessons: Dealing with a Large Amount of Form Inputs 
By Andy Sellick. 
"…Finding one checkbox among hundreds isn't a problem only for people 
using a screen reader-it can be difficult for all of us…Although the 
autocomplete looked like the better option, in the end a small change 
to our original component suited our needs better…Although we'd spent 
a lot of time integrating the autocomplete into our finders, it wasn't 
the best solution to our problem…" 

How You Can Allow Other People to Add Captions to Your YouTube Videos 
By Deborah Edwards-Onoro. 
"…Community contributions help you reach a wider audience through 
captions and translations, without the cost of third-party captioning 

10 Website Accessibility Myths Debunked 
By Rebecca Sentance. 
"…a lot of myths and misunderstandings persist about what exactly 
constitutes web accessibility, how necessary it is for individual 
businesses, the benefits and how easy it is to carry out…" 

Making the Web More Accessible Using Machine Learning 
By Laura Johnson. 
"…Artificial intelligence and the advancements that machine learning 
affords have massive potential in the accessibility arena. Of course, 
there's still a lot of research to be done, but the possibilities have 
a great deal of potential and need to be explored…" 

Top Tips for Publishing Accessible Written Content (Video) 
By Sarah Florence. 
April 4, 2019 Webinar and slides. 

Takeaways from 2019 Digital Accessibility Trends with Tim Springer, 
Founder of Level Access 
By Deborah Edwards-Onoro. 
"…Here are my notes from his talk…" 

What the WebAIM Million Analysis Says About the Web You're Building 
By Charlie. 
"Spoilers: Not good things…" 

Caption10: Part 8, Voice (Video) 
By Meryl K. Evans. 
"…the eighth rule of the #Caption10 series on how to create great 
captions is voice…" 

Legal Battle Over Captioning Continues 
By Lindsay McKenzie. 
"A legal dispute over video captions continues after court rejects 
requests by MIT and Harvard University to dismiss lawsuits accusing 
them of discriminating against deaf people…" 

Four-Year Court Battle Between Deaf Advocates and Harvard Over Closed 
Captioning of Videos Proceeds to Discovery With Some Limitations 
By Kristina M. Launey & Minh N. Vu. 
"Four years and two motions to dismiss based on the pleadings later, 
the National Association of the Deaf's (NAD) online video captioning 
lawsuit against Harvard is moving forward to fact discovery…" 


Designing Button Focus States for Better Usability 
By Elizabeth Schafer. 
"…buttons have more than one state. The default state we just created 
looks good so far, but we need to make sure that it also looks 
noticeably different when it's focused…" 

State of the Web: CSS Standardization (Video) 
By Rick Viscomi. 
"In this episode of the State of the Web, Rick Viscomi and Jen Simmons 
(CSS Working Group, Mozilla) discuss the process of CSS 
standardization and the evolution of how developers style the web…" 

Digging Into The Display Property: The Two Values of Display 
By Rachel Andrew. 
"We talk a lot about Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout, but these layout 
methods are essentially values of the CSS display property, a 
workhorse of a property that doesn't get a lot of attention. Rachel 
Andrew takes a better look in a short series…" 

Managing Z-Index In A Component-Based Web Application 
By Pavel Pomerantsev. 
"The z-index property, despite all that's written about it, is still 
widely misunderstood and mishandled. Stacking issues in a complex 
single-page web application can become a major pain. Adhering to some 
principles, however, we can easily avoid these issues…" 

Print Styling, the 3 Basics 
By Jens Oliver Meiert. 
"Running start. Pretty much every website should have a usable print view…" 

Grids All The Way Down 
By Rachel Andrew. 
Rachel's April 2019 presentation materials from  Frontend NE in 
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 

+03: COLOR. 

Color Accessibility: Tools and Resources to Help You Design Inclusive Products 
By Stéphanie Walter. 
"…all the resources, tips and tools I regularly use to build and check 
the color accessibility of my products in one place. Enjoy…" 

+04: DRUPAL. 

Better Instructions for Your Drupal Content Types 
By Cindy McCourt. 
"…Not all forms are self-explanatory. Not all field purposes can be 
easily deduced. Drupal provides several options for providing guidance 
to your content authors, each with their own pros and cons…" 


Should Usability Testers be Certified? 
By Rolf Molich. 
"…The real-world data I have shows that the practices of many 
professional usability testers need review, formalization, and a 
general tightening up. Since the teams I studied were professional, I 
suggest that everyone can benefit from having their practices 

My Web Accessibility Testing Process 
By Lindsey Kopacz. 
"…My web accessibility testing process begins before I even start writing code…" 

+06: EVENTS. 

Common AI and Ethics Challenges and How to Solve Them 
April 12, 2019. 

Accessibility in Voice Experiences 
April 18, 2019. 
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 
Live stream: 
Live captions: 

Evaluating Organizational Readiness for Accessibility 
April 18, 2019. 

Accessibility Camp Seattle 
May 18, 2019. 
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. 

Web Accessibility Summit 
May 29, 2019. 
Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. 

June 6-7, 2019. 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A. 

2019 Trends in Video Accessibility 
June 13, 2019. 

+07: HTML. 

Stop Using So Many divs! An Intro to Semantic HTML 
By Ken Bellows. 
"…<div>… works. I mean, mostly. It has the structure you need, and I'm 
sure it'll look the way you intend by the time you're done styling it. 
But it has some big problems…" 

By Steve Faulkner. 
"Collaboration with CA on mapping of HTML features Aural UI and how 
these features are conveyed to users of AT…" 

HTML, CSS, and the Path to Accessible Web Design 
By Jennifer Riggins. 
"…when you consider the massive scale some websites can reach these 
days, maybe it's good to go back to the basics to make sure everyone 
can access everything we build…" 

Native Image Lazy-Loading for the Web! 
By Addy Osmani. 
"In this post, we'll look at the new loading attribute which brings 
native <img> and <iframe> lazy-loading to the web…" 

Enforcing Accessibility Best Practices with Automatically-Generated ids 
By Brad Frost. 
"…What this means is that it's impossible for users of the design 
system to omit an important attribute and accidentally create an 
inaccessible experience. This technique works well for any component 
that needs to create an association between two or more ids…" 


Announcing the Deobfuscating JavaScript White Paper 
By Netsparker Security Team. 
"The topic of this white paper is an example of how to deobfuscate 
JavaScript code as it's often used in phishing pages…" 

You Probably Don't Need that Hip Web Framework 
By Owen Williams. 
"I've discovered how many others have felt similarly, overwhelmed by 
the choices we have as modern developers, always feeling like there's 
something we should be doing better." 


The Girl on the Train 
By Erynn Brook. 
"I'm waiting on kitty ultrasound results and trying to distract myself 
a little bit so I'd like to tell you a story about something that 
happened last night, in the hopes that I can process my feelings 
around it…" 

W3C Doesn't Help Its Invited Experts. It Should. 
By Tobie Langel. 
"Software foundations have increasingly started helping non-corporate 
backed contributors with travel expenses. W3C has been lagging way 
behind. Until last year, 'invited experts' - W3C jargon for individual 
contributors-even had to pay to attend the technical conference in 
which they come work for free. It's time for change…" 


HTML5 Landmarks Exposed 
By Scott O'Hara. 
"Landmarks can serve as important guideposts to a web document. They 
allow people using screen readers, as well as those with certain 
browser plug-ins, to be able to quickly navigate to important areas of 
a page…" 

Common Accessibility Issue: Moving to a Page Section Without Shifting 
Keyboard Focus 
By Christian Heilmann. 
"…we can really make it hard for keyboard and screenreader users when 
we forget to set the focus to the element we scrolled to. Just because 
it is in the viewport, doesn't mean the keyboard focus moved there…" 

Journey Mapping: 9 Frequently Asked Questions 
By Alita Joyce and Kate Kaplan. 
"Journey maps are useful for building common ground in an 
organization, but practitioners often have questions and 
misunderstandings about their scope and how to create them." 


Down the Font Legibility Rabbit Hole (Hat tip to Jim Allan) 
By Peter Vermaercke. 
"While working on a recent project I was struggling with optimizing 
the readability of the content in the interface. The product is a 
safety-critical interface used in aviation with lots of codes in small 
sizes. Good readability is crucial to make sure the users can do their 
job well and with as little fatigue as possible…" 

Public Sans 
By United States Web Design System. 
"A strong, neutral typeface for text or display." (free and open source) 


Privacy UX: Common Concerns And Privacy In Web Forms 
By Vitaly Friedman. 
"Web interfaces have become quite a character, haven't they? 
Self-indulgent, impolite, disrespectful and obsessed with user's data. 
In this series of articles, we're looking into privacy UX patterns in 
order to to make our interfaces better without leaving conversion 
considerations behind…" 

Is Aggressive Marketing Influencing the UX of AI Agents? (Video) 
By Jakob Nielsen. 
"Jakob Nielsen answers the question of how users' perception of 
artificial intelligence products and their user experience may be 
impacted by the way these services are promoted by vendors." 

[Section one ends.] 


+13: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

Accessibility Information. 

Association Information. 

Book Listings. 

Cascading Style Sheets Information. 

Color Information. 

Drupal Information. 

Evaluation & Testing Information. 

Event Information. 

HTML Information. 

Information Architecture Information. 

JavaScript Information. 

Miscellaneous Web Information. 

Navigation Information. 

PHP Information. 

Sites & Blogs Listing. 

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information. 

Tool Information. 

Typography Information. 

Usability Information. 

XML Information. 

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