+++ WEB DESIGN UPDATE. - Volume 16, Issue 39, March 22, 2018.

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- Volume 16, Issue 39, March 22, 2018. 

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SECTION ONE: New references. 
What's new at the Web Design Reference site? 
New links in these categories: 

02: COLOR. 
04: EVENTS. 
08: TOOLS. 

10: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

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++ SECTION ONE: New references. 


New Features in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 and What You Need to Do 
By Ashley Sheridan. 
"…The majority of these are fairly obvious and straightforward, with 
some nice additions that enhance accessibility on smaller hand-held 

Labels Required 
By Maggie Wachs. 
"Late last year we completed an accessibility audit with a client, 
during which we were reminded that form fields must have properly 
associated label elements to be universally understood by screen 
readers and conventional browsers." 

Screen Reader Fails To Detect Newly Added Content: WCAG 2.0 Failure? 
By Sailesh Panchang. 
"Consider these two examples for error notification…" 

Cognitive Accessibility (Video) 
By Jamie Knight & Lion. 
Jamie's February 2018 London Accessibility Meetup presentation. 

How We Stopped Making Excuses and Started Improving Basecamp's Accessibility 
By Michael Berger. 
"In 2017 we made web accessibility a priority at Basecamp. It was long overdue…" 

Your Tooltips Are Bogus 
By Heydon Pickering. 
"Tooltips are implemented all over the place. Badly. Let me count the ways." 

Trickle Down Accessibility 
By Ted Drake and Sarah Margolis-Greenbaum. 
"This presentation is not about reducing your support for blind and low-vision…" 

I Never Thought I Would Say This 
By Marcie Lipsett. 
OCR is dismissing some of Marcie Lipsett's complaints related 
discrimination against people with disabilities. 

SOCSD Rolls Out New Website 
By Charlie Benton. 
"The Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District unveiled its 
new website last week after working on the project since December. The 
project was initiated following the district's past website being 
found to not be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act 

Accessibility Analysis of Banking Industry Websites 
By Bureau of Internet Accessibility. 
"…The banking industry has made progress over the past decade, but our 
analysis shows that there is still room for improvement…" 

+02: Color. 

Colour Deficit Help 
By Matthew Atkinson. 
"This is the last in the current series of articles looking at 
adaptations for accessibility, based on new techniques or research…" 


Why Accessibility Testing with Real Users is so Important 
By Helen Wood and Jennifer Kline. 
"…There is no 'one size fits all' way to know if what you've built 
will work until you test it with the people who will be expected to 
use it." 

Measure Customer Use of Things, Not Customer Satisfaction with Things 
By Gerry McGovern. 
"…In a digital economy, the most vital thing to manage is use." 

How to Test Your User Interface the Right Way 
By Paul Boag. 
"On this episode of the Boagworld Show, we look at testing your user 
interface and how to integrate it into your design process…" 

+04: EVENTS. 

What's New in WCAG 2.1 
March 27, 2018. 

An Event Apart Orlando 
October 8-10, 2018. 
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. 

ARIA: What, Why and When 
October 11, 2018. 

Web Summit 
November 5-8, 2018. 
Lisbon, Portugal 

Web Directions Summit 
November 8-9, 2018. 
Sydney, Australia 


Card Sorting: Uncover Users' Mental Models for Better Information Architecture 
By Katie Sherwin. 
"Card sorting is a UX research technique in which users organize 
topics into groups. Use it to create an IA that suits your users' 


WAI-ARIA: the Dark Art of Accessibility? 
By Jon Gibbins. 
"…one area of accessibility that often stumps even the most 
experienced developers, is WAI-ARIA - the Accessible Rich Internet 
Applications…this is an awareness-raising blog post for web developers 
about ARIA. It was prompted by an issue discovered on a client's 
website that was using a carousel powered by Slick. I'm going to take 
a look at some of the ARIA used by Slick." 

Writing JavaScript with Accessibility in Mind 
By Manuel Matuzovic. 
"Tips on how to improve the accessibility of your JavaScript 
components and provide users with more and better ways to interact 
with your website or web app." 


Tim Berners-Lee: We Must Regulate Tech Firms to Prevent 'Weaponised' Web 
By Olivia Solon. 
"The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power 
among a few companies 'controlling which ideas are shared'" 

33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - Keynote (Video) 
"The Center on Disabilities at CSUN is proud to open the 32nd CSUN 
Assistive Technology Conference with an excellent keynote. Keynote 
Address - Daniel Goldstein…" (Video starts about 31:08 and Dan 
Goldstein begins at 37:47) 

How Fast Is Amp Really? 
By Tim Kadlec. 
"…right now, the incentives being placed on AMP content seem to be 
accomplishing exactly what you would think: they're incentivizing AMP, 
not performance…" 

Write It Down 
By Mark Boulton. 
"This is about a light-touch way of asking someone to slow down…I 
welcome being asked to 'write it down'. It gives me permission to take 
a breath. To pause and reflect on what I'm asking…Next time someone 
asks you to do something, try it. I bet 3 times out of 10, they say 
'oh it doesn't matter'. You'll have that time back. They'll be a 
little wiser and have a lower heart rate." 

+08: TOOLS. 

Bookmarklets for Nu Html Checker 
By Steve Faulkner. 
Running your HTML through a conformance checker will miss any errors 
you may have introduced when adding to elements/attributes via 
JavaScript. Steve's bookmarklet that will send the HTML DOM of a page 
the Nu Html Checker. 


Don't Shame Your Users Into Converting (Video) 
By Kate Meyer and Kim Flaherty. 
"Coercive tactics like Manipulinks and Please-Don't-Go try to shame 
customers into doing what the company wants. Sacrificing long-term 
customer loyalty for short-term gains is shortsighted." 

Designing Button States 
By Tyler Sticka. 
"Buttons are a staple of any design system. The best ones are simple, 
versatile, maybe even a little fun…" 

Retain UX Talent by Tracking UX Capacity 
By Hoa Loranger. 
"Tracking UX capacity on Agile projects allows you to negotiate UX 
commitments in terms stakeholders understand." 

[Section one ends.] 


+10: What Can You Find at the Web Design Reference Site? 

Accessibility Information. 

Association Information. 

Book Listings. 

Cascading Style Sheets Information. 

Color Information. 

Drupal Information. 

Evaluation & Testing Information. 

Event Information. 

HTML Information. 

Information Architecture Information. 

JavaScript Information. 

Miscellaneous Web Information. 

Navigation Information. 

PHP Information. 

Sites & Blogs Listing. 

Standards, Guidelines & Pattern Information. 

Tool Information. 

Typography Information. 

Usability Information. 

XML Information. 

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