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Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter

Vol. 15, No. 6

February 29, 2016


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TGILY!  That's, thank goodness it's leap year!  Here's your February 29th edition.

Subscriber Silvia Mari has the following request:  "I would like more suggestions on how to teach a course
in Psychology of Attitude (classic and basic themes), with appealing examples about use of technology to
graduate students with different backgrounds (some of them don’t have a major -and sometimes neither a
minor- in social psychology…)."  Send me any suggestions and I will pass them along to Silvia and to the
rest of you.  Thanks.

Activities and Exercises

        Helping: "Why we fail to empathize -- and what we can do about it"



         Prejudice/Social Judgment: Stereotyping


         They're all alike

Topic Resources

Aggression/Gender & Culture: Responses to "The Hunting Ground" and rape culture on campus


"The Hunting Ground" is a 2015 documentary on universities' handling of rape and other sexual

Attitudes & Behaviors: 30% U.S. teachers tell students that climate change is "likely due to
natural causes"


From a survey just published in Science

Attitudes & Behaviors/Persuasion: In denial of climate change, facts don't matter


According to this study from the University of Queensland in Australia

Attitudes & Behaviors/Persuasion: Facts vs. Identity: The backfire effect


This research finds that if you challenge a strongly held belief central to a person's
identity with facts, it can backfire.

Attraction & Relationships: "What the 'ideal' man's body looks like in 19 countries"


Plenty of examples like this of women's bodies -- now it's men's turn.

Conformity: "Investigating social contagion with digital tools"


Recent study finds that the memory of one individual can indirectly influence that of another
via shared social connections."

Gender & Culture: The Girl Zone


Egyptian women find a safe place -- the Girl Zone -- "where they can gather and express
themselves without judgement or threat from society at large."

Gender & Culture: "By preschool boys and girls are already segregated"


Gender & Culture:  Barbie's body gets a makeover!


This entry may sound familiar... because it is.  I sent it out in the last issue but with the
wrong link.  So, here is the right link.  Next issue I am going to mix up all the links with
all the topics and see if you can match them up.  Sounds like fun!

Persuasion:  The shape of a company logo matters!


Prejudice: Weapon bias shows up even when viewing a 5-year old


Prejudice: "The disturbing rise of Islamophobia in America"


Prejudice: U.S. military: Wearing a hijab is passive terrorism


From a policy paper released by the U.S. military

Prejudice: The myth of Black homophobia


Prejudice: 19th-century campaign to declare Mormons "non-White"


Social Judgment: Teen criminals better at detecting lying in their peers

50% accuracy (chance) for non-offenders and 67% accuracy for offenders

Technology in Teaching


General:  Image optimizer


A nice, free, online site to resize, compress, and optimize your images

Persuasion:  World War II Posters


A collection of 338 posters used by the U.S. government to promote support for war efforts


How Do You ... ?

Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their
courses? Then send me your "How Do You..?" question and I will try and post it here. If I get
some answers I will post them in the following issue.

Request Line is Open! 

Yes, I take requests; in fact, I encourage them. Are there particular types of resources you
would like examples of? Particular topics you are interested in? Teaching tips? Technology
tips? I want to tailor this newsletter to your needs. So, please feel free to send me your
requests, suggestions, comments and resources. Send them directly to me (jfmueller@...)
or by replying to this message.


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