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A librarian on the Med-Lib-L discussion group wanted guidance regarding finding evidence based medicine sources in databases. My response focused on the TRIP database and cited evidence on the amount of information this database provides on three specific topics. Hey, I wanted this post to be evidence based too!!! <g> Since the database is named trip, I included the topic of tourism as well with a huge search result for that subject field.

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Please consider in this regard using the Trip Database, which has little to do with tourism and much to do with evidence based medicine and the basic database can be used at no cost to the searcher.

Given the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan, for example, having evidence based articles on lead poisoning may be very useful as background resources for dealing with effected adults and children in Flint.

962 results for ""lead poisoning"", by quality

If one subscribes to the premium version one gets more content.

41 Systematic Reviews

693 Full Text Articles

68 Clinical Trials

It would seem that there is much misinformation about vaccines and vaccination including an ongoing anti-vaxxers movement.

A search of vaccination OR vaccine OR vaccines in the Trip Database


70,207 results for "vaccination OR vaccine OR vaccines", by quality

The Premium Subscription Fee Based Version adds

1,354 Systematic Reviews

40,052 Full Text Articles

10,272 Systematic Reviews

One must beware of subscribing to this database during the Autumn season, however, as one does not want to Trip and Fall.

Speaking of Flint, Michigan, some may find the news reports in this work in progress to be useful.

MAN MADE DISASTER Lead Poisoning of Flint Michigan Water

and there is also a research guide on vaccination

VACCINES : SOCIAL WORK GUIDES: Vaccines and Vaccination

If one is looking for data on these or other topics, my Statistics Research Guide

has this section

Database Search Results for Statistical and Demographic Data FROM United States Government Agencies

Thus far there is coverage of over 40 United States Government Agencies.

There are about 19 searches for each agency of the agency name and statistics terms. On the left side of these searches one can add to these searches the topic one is seeking to learn about and use this as a tool to find both statistical sources from the agencies selected of data on that topic as well as source citations to research using data from that agency about the topic one is researching.

This statistics database tool may therefore be quite useful in the creation of evidence based content on research topics being pursued by librarians and their clients.

By the way, the TRIP Database does have substantial content on tourism as well, just thought I would check.

A search of "tourism OR tourist OR tourists OR hospitality OR "event management"", by quality FINDS:

562,551 results

and the fee based version adds

33,901 Systematic Reviews

236,160 Full Text Articles

83,108 Clinical Trials

The free content includes titles like these:

Five Years After the Hawai‘i Smoke-free Law: Tourism and Hospitality Economic Indicators Appear Unharmed

NDM-1- or OXA-48-producing Enterobacteriaceae colonising Polish tourists following a terrorist attack in Tunis, March 2015.

Implications for the NHS of inward and outward medical tourism: a policy and economic analysis using literature review and mixed-methods approaches

Implications for the NHS of inward and outward medical tourism: a policy and economic analysis using literature review and mixed-methods approaches

Why do medical tourists travel to where they do? The role of networks in determining medical travel.

Motivation, justification, normalization: Talk strategies used by Canadian medical tourists regarding their choices to go abroad for hip and knee surgeries.

Increased risk of post-transplant malignancy and mortality in transplant tourists: a nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan.

Thailand top destination for medical tourists

Analysis of the Influence of Quantile Regression Model on Mainland Tourists' Service Satisfaction Performance

Implications for the NHS of inward and outward medical tourism: a policy and economic analysis using literature review and mixed-methods approaches

Leptospirosis acquired by tourists in venice, Italy.

Dive-related fatalities among tourist and local divers in the northern croatian littoral (1980-2010).

'Vacation for your teeth' - dental tourists in Hungary from the perspective of Hungarian dentists.

Posttraumatic stress and symptom improvement in Norwegian tourists exposed to the 2004 tsunami--a longitudinal study.

An accidental tourist finds her way in the dangerous land of serious illness.

Searching the phrase "evidence based" in search strategies used in other databases may lead to at least some, perhaps many discussions of evidence based in those databases rather than discussions of the topic one seeks evidence based content about, adding to the importance of the Trip database. It can be very hard to find lists of sources that involve evidence based research on specific topics elsewhere.



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