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Indiana Authors and Their Books



Indiana Authors and Their Books

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"Indiana Authors and Their Books (Indiana Authors) is an LSTA-funded project based on the digitization and encoding of the 3-volume reference work Indiana Authors and Their Books, which initially identified approximately 150 monographs by selected authors from Indianas Golden Age of Literature (1880-1920). Since its original conception, the project grew in scope as a test-bed for "productionizing" e-text workflows in partnership with the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries Technical Services department. Another 200 texts in the public domain, and, at the time not yet digitized as part of the Google Books initiative, were selected for electronic conversion. Although the encyclopedic 3-volume reference work is at the center of this project, the online Indiana Authors resource is being launched in phases, with an initial focus on the encoded monographs that will be fully integrated with the encyclopedia by late Spring 2012. This newest release of the Indiana Authors project includes approximately 250 monographs.


Indiana Authors and Their Books will provide students, educators, researchers, and the general public, in Indiana and throughout the world, with a searchable reference tool that will draw from unique state resources, link biographical sketches of famous Hoosier authors to full text electronic texts, and make Indianas rich literary history available online. A three-volume encyclopedia, Indiana Authors and Their Books, provides the framework for this project. Published over several decades, the comprehensive work attempts to include a biographical entry and a complete bibliography for all book authors who were born, raised, or educated in Indiana, or who lived in the state for a major portion of their lives. Among the 7,000 entries are many famous Hoosier authors from Indianas first 100 years of statehood, including Theodore Dreiser, Gene Stratton Porter, James Whitcomb Riley, and Booth Tarkington. The bio-bibliographic entries will link to digitized full-text editions of representative works by the most famous authors, and has provided a foundation for future development, including the addition of more full text editions by other Hoosier authors."



Book Titles Included in This Project


Abe Martin of Brown County, Indiana
Abe Martin on the war and other things
Abe Martin's Almanack
Abe Martin's Back Country Sayings
Abe Martin's Brown County almanack
Abe Martin's Home Cured Philosophy
Abe Martin's Primer
Abraham Lincoln, lawyer
Ade's Fables
Aes signatum
Alexander Hamilton
Alice of Old Vincennes
Alt Heidelberg and its student life
American boyhood
American citizenship
American diplomacy under Tyler and Polk
American presidents
Amusement of Idle Hours
An analytical key to some of the common wild and cultivated species of flowering plants
Anderson Crow Detective
The Angel of Lonesome Hill
The Anthology of Another Town
Asa Holmes
At midnight and other poems
Autobiography Samuel K. Hoshour, A.M

The battle of Tippecanoe
The bears of Blue River
The Beginners of a Nation
Beverly of Graustark
The Big Brother
A Bit of Finesse
Blind Alleys
Bogus Hollow
A book of poems
The Boss Girl
Brant and Red Jacket
Breaking into Society
Brewster's Millions
A brother's inquest over a brother's grave, or, The question, Who murdered Dr. John R. Goodwin?, candidly considered : an appeal to the people of Brookville
Brown county folks
Butler College in the World War

The cabin in the clearing and other poems
Caleb Mills and the Indiana school system
The Call of the Hour
A Captain in the Ranks
A Carolina Cavalier
The cause and cure of colds
Christ's credentials
The Christmas porringer
Circus Day
The city manager plan of municipal government
The City of Masks
Colonel John Scott of Long Island, (1634?)-1696
The Conflict
A Conglomerate
Conservatism, the essential in American character and policy
Contemporary American history, 1877-1913
The Cost
Country town sayings
Cowardice Court

The Daughter of Anderson Crow
A Daughter of the Land
A daughter of two worlds
A day in the Siskiyous
The Day of the Dog
The Days Gone By
Debasement of the silver coinage under the Emperor Nero
A debate on the state of the dead between Rev. Thomas P. Connelly and Nathanial Field
Dedicatory address unveiling of Morton monument
The Deluge
The Diocese of Fort Wayne, 1857-September 1907
Doc' Horne
Documents relating to the French settlements on the Wabash
The domestic and social effects of the higher education of women
Dorothy Day
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall
Down our way
Dramatized scenes from American history
A Dream of a Throne
The Dutch twins
Dynamic Americanism

Earlham lectures
Early inns and taverns of South Bend, Indiana
Early Vanities
The Eighty-sixth regiment, Indiana volunteer infantry
Elements of knowledge
The End of the World
Essays and sketches
Essentials in medial history
European sobriety in the presence of the Balkan crisis
The evangelist, and other poems
The evolution of modern liberty

Fables in Slang
The Fair God
Famous assassinations of history from Philip of Macedon, 336 B. C., to Alexander of Servia, A. D. 1903
A Farrago
The fascinating stranger, and other stories
The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig
A Fearsome Riddle
A few spoken words
Financial California
The Fire Bird
The First Christmas
The First of the Hoosiers
The Flyers
A Forest Hearth
Fort Harrison on the banks of the Wabash, 1812-1912
A Fortnight of Folly
Forty Modern Fables
The Forty-Fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Free and Other Stories
A friend or two

A general history of the Order of the Eastern Star
The Gentleman from Indiana
Giles & Co.,
A Girl of The Limberlost
The Girl Proposition
Glances at the world
The Glory of His Country
Government of Indiana
The government of the people of the state of Indiana
The Grain of Dust
Green Fields and Running Brooks
The growth of socialism
The Guardian
Guiding principles for American voters

Hand-Made Fables
Heart Echoes From Old Shelby
Henry County; past and present
Hey Rub-A-Dub-Dub
Higher education and the state
Historic New Harmony
The history and civil government of Indiana
History of American politics (non-partisan)
History of Cass County, Indiana
History of Delaware County, Indiana
The history of early Terre Haute from 1816 to 1840
History of Hancock County, Indiana
History of Hendricks County, Indiana
History of Howard County, Indiana
History of Jay County, Indiana
History of Lake Maxinkuckee
History of Maria Creek Church
A History of masonry in Indianapolis
The history of the Confederate war
History of the Forty-second Indiana volunteer infantry
History of the Forty-sixth regiment Indiana volunteer infantry
History of the One hundred and sixty-first regiment, Indiana volunteer infantry
A History of the United States and its People
The Homesteaders
Homing With the Birds
A Hoosier Chronicle
A Hoosier Holiday
Hoosier Mosaics
The Hoosier School-Boy
The Hoosier Schoolmaster
The Hoosier Volunteer
The Hoosiers
The House of a Thousand Candles
How government functions in Indiana
The Husband's Story
Husks and Nubbins

I fear thee not and other poems
Ibsen's symbolism in "The master builder" and "When we dead awaken"
In Babel
In Pastures New
In the Arena
The indeterminate sentence and parole law
The Indiana Centennial 1916
An Indiana girl
Indiana, a drama of progress
Indianapolis illustrated
The industrial colleges
Industrial unionism
An invitation to you and your folks from Jim and some more of the home folks
Is license constitutional?

Jack Shelby
Jane Cable
Jennette Browning
Jennie Gerhardt

The Kid Has Gone to the Colors
Knights in Fustian
Knocking the Neighbors


The Madness of May
The Magnificent Ambersons
The Main Chance
The man in history
A Man of Honor
The man Shakespeare
The man who said he would
A manual of toxicological analysis
Mary Regan
The Master of Warlock
Master Will of Stratford
Masterpieces of the Masters of Fiction
Max Ehrmann's poems
Memories of Vailima
The menace of modernism
The Miscellaneous Writings of George C. Harding
The mission to the Ouabache
The Mississippi Valley in the movement for Fifty-four forty or fight
A monody
Monsieur Beaucaire
More Fables
Morphology of angiosperms
Morphology of spermatophytes
Music of the Wild
The Mystery of Madeline Le Blanc

The national decline of the Miami Indians
New Sayings By Abe Martine and Velma's Vow: A Gripping Love Tale by Miss Fawn Lippincut
The new tax law of Indiana
Nye and Riley's Railway Guide


Oberammergau : its passion play and players
Old age
Old Caravan Days
The Old Northwest
An Old Sweetheart of Mine
Old-Fashioned Roses
An olio of love and song
One way to the woods
Orthoptera of northeastern America
Otherwise Phyllis
Our little Celtic cousin of long ago
Our little crusader cousin of long ago
Our little Frankish cousin of long ago
Our little Norman cousin of long ago
Outlines of European history


Partners of the night
Party struggles over the first Pennsylvania constitution
The past, present and future of the Monroe Doctrine
The Path of Glory
The patriotism of peace
Penrod and Sam
People You Know
Philosophia ultima
The phylogeny of angiosperms
The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Pink Marsh
Pioneers of progress
Pipes O' Pan at Zekesbury
The Plum Tree
Poems and hymns
Poems and Songs
Poems in sunshine and firelight
Poems of Ben. D. House
Poems, papers and addresses of Clarkson and Hannah E. Davis
Poetical compositions
The poetical works of Rose Hartwick Thorpe
The Port of Missing Men
Practical sociology in the service of social ethics
Pre-historic and Indian history of Howard and Tipton counties, Indiana
A primary history
The Prince of Graustark
Prose miscellany
Protean Papers
The Provincial American
The Purple Parasol

Recollections of a Varied Life
The Redemption of Anthony
Reminiscences of Adams, Jay, and Randolph Counties
Reminiscences of early Methodism in Indiana
Rev. James Havens, one of the heroes of Indiana Methodism
A Reversible Santa Claus
The revival of Italy
The ribbon workers
The rise and development of the bicameral system in America
Roach & Co.Pirates
Robert Louis Stevenson
Rocky Fork
Rosalind at Red Gate
Rosalynde's Lovers
Rural life and education

Save the girls
A searchlight on Germany
The Secrets at Roseladies
The seven joys of reading
Shadows of Shasta
Shakespeare in tale and verse
The Sherrods
Short Flights
Short Furrows
Shot With Crimson
The silver oar
Single Blessedness
Sister Carrie
The Slim Princess
The Social Secretary
Some elements of Indiana's population or, Roads west and their early travelers
The Song of the Cardinal
Songs of far-away lands
Songs of hoosier singers
Songs of the Streets and Byways
Songs of the sun-lands
Spanish Peggy
Standardization, efficiency, heredity
A study of the American commonwealth as reflected by orations of Burke and Webster
Suggestions for the study of vocational education in township institutes
The Sunday schools of Lake
Susan Lenox
Sweet Alyssum

Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet
These Days
Those I have met
A Tinkle of Bells
Tit for tat
The Titan
The trail of the white wolf, or, The doom of the Delawares
The trail to Boyland
The Transit of Civilization from England to America in the Seventeenth Century
A Traveler at Forty
Travels and experiences in other lands
True Bills
True stories of our pioneers
Trusts and public welfare
Twelve Men
Twenty-five Years in Jackville
Two Gentlemen of Virginia

The unknown god
Untravelled Trails

Verses and Jingles

West Wind Drift
Westover of Wanalah
When fairies were friendly
When the Old Flag Came
The White Islander
The Wife of Marobius
With pad and pencil
Woman, lost and gained; or, the island of the innocent
A work on revivals
The workers in American history
Worry and nervousness

The Yoke
The young people's history of Indiana



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