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Tourism Hospitality and Newer Communicable Disease Epidemics: 
The Cases of the Ebola Virus and the Zika Virus with Statistical Data Utilization 
Discussed in Sources Uncovered from Database Search Results: 
A Bibliographic Resource



The danger of epidemics coming to areas with higher and rising temperatures due to climate change will impact society and industry in a growing number of regions and areas. One such industry group is the tourism industry.  The impacts on the tourism industry due to Ebola and the Zika Virus would be one such area to explore.  This document provides links to database search results designed to find sources that discuss tourism and either Ebola or the Zika Virus

and share, utilize or cite statistical or demographic data sources.  Keep in mind that the Zika epidemic is very recent compared to the Ebola epidemic so that scholarly publications will be far more limited for Zika, especially those that utilize or share statistical data or links to that data. It should also be noted that these links are “self updating” and will run the searches at the time they are used so that newer sources will be found. Links for sources cited lead to a Google Scholar or Google Books search result for the search of the title in either of each source cited.

This growing group of health threats will combine the research areas of emerging infectious diseases and that of tropical diseases and the roles of such research will extend further and further both north and south of the equator as time passes. Furthermore weakened health and immune systems will invite subsequent diseases after one has taken hold and remission may replace cured in many cases of illness.





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The Ebola Research Guide


Ebola Fear and Media and Political Sensationalism,

Disinformation and Tabloid Journalism






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Google Books




Content Sample





The Economic Impact of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic:

Short- and Medium-Term Estimates for West Africa

World Bank e-Library

Author         The World Bank

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ISBN 1464804222, 9781464804229

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The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual


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Edition        5, illustrated

Publisher    Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

ISBN 0323417426, 9780323417426

Length        682 pages




The Psychosocial Aspects of a Deadly Epidemic:

What Ebola Has Taught Us about Holistic Healing:

Editor          Judy Kuriansky

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Big Data Technologies and Applications

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Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

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Length        356 pages





Authors       George Ealy, Carolyn A. Dehlinger

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African Economic Outlook 2015

Regional Development and Spatial Inclusion:

African Economic Outlook


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United Nations Development Programme

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Length        352 pages





Ebola, Culture and Politics: The Anthropology of an Emerging Disease

Case studies on contemporary social issues

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Zika: The Emerging Epidemic

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Length        160 pages




Global Management of Infectious Disease After Ebola

Editors        Sam F. Halabi, Jeffrey S. Crowley

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Length        312 pages




CDC Health Information for International Travel 2016


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Contributor Gary W Brunette MD MS

Publisher    Oxford University Press, 2015

ISBN 0199379173, 9780199379170

Length        720 pages









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Includes headlines like these


Zika disrupting Miami Beach tourism industry


Miami hotel bookings slow, airfares fall since Zika outbreak


Zika in the Blood Supply


U.S. Issues Travel Advisory for Singapore Due to Zika


No Zika Cases Reported During Rio Olympics, W.H.O. Says


Mosquitoes test positive for Zika in South Beach as local cases rise


How mobile data visualization helped reduce malaria cases by 93% —

Zika could be next


Majority of US Zika cases tied to Caribbean travel


Miami Business Owners Miss Tourists, Want Zika Warnings to End


Non-travel Zika cases in Florida Could approach 400 by summer's end


Singapore's Zika outbreak jumps to 242 cases, as potential new cluster emerges









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Please bear in mind, Clicking on an image of interest leads to not only to a larger image, but also to link to “Visit Page”.  On that page there is usually far more information related to the image.

Furthermore, this search produces images that are charts tables and graphs and those who have gotten this far in the post would not likely be here if data and statistics is not part of their

interest in tourism and epidemics.








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