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Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter

Vol. 15, No. 9

May 27, 2016


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         Prejudice: "Bias in the flesh: Skin complexion and stereotype consistency in political campaigns"



         An interesting set of studies looking at how candidate Barack Obama was presented with varying skin tones in
political ads


         Group Influence: Group polarization (9:04)


         Subscriber George Schreer pointed me to this excellent example of group polarization. This Ted Talk describes how
Google and Facebook among other sites place us in "filter bubbles" exposing us primarily to information with which we agree.

         Prejudice: Institutional discrimination


         "The education system is rigged against low-income students, even in kindergarten," according to this report from
the National Center for Education Statistics.

         Prejudice: Language


         "Obama signs bill removing 'Oriental' and 'Negro' from federal laws."

         Prejudice: Overgeneralizing stereotypes


         On a plane, "A man ripped off a Muslim woman's hajib, screamed 'This is America!'"

         Social Judgment: Judgment errors


         Warning: Your pilot makes irrational decisions too!

         The Self: Reducing cognitive dissonance


         "In just one day, Fox News offered 15 different excuses for Trump's disgusting treatment of women."



Topic Resources

Attraction & Relationships: "Psychology predicts where your relationship is headed!"


Just send me $25.00 and I will....

Attraction & Relationships: Good storytelling males seen as more attractive, higher status


It's like that time I...

Attraction & Relationships/Gender & Culture:  For women, benefits of attractiveness at work primarily depending
on good grooming


according to this study

Gender & Culture: "Gendered language in teacher reviews"


Here is more about mining the data from Ratemyprofessor.com.

Gender & Culture: "Antiquated" views about how to celebrate prom


Gender & Culture: The forgotten women of NASA


Gender & Culture: Why college women outperform their college entrance test scores


General: The growth and evolution of social media



The first link is to a timeline of Instagram from 2010 to the present.  The second link is to an infrographic
providing a broader history of social media.

Helping: We're less likely to help when near a luxury store


Ahh, priming

Prejudice/Psychology in the Courtroom: Black law associates viewed as less competent


Interesting study in which partners judged Black associates' writing more harshly than that of White associates

Psychology in the Courtroom: "Your face can get you killed"


This blog entry describes research that found that decreased ratings of trustworthiness for convicts with wider
faces predicted greater likelihood of receiving death sentences versus life sentences.

Psychology in the Courtroom: Police interrogation


This article takes you through historical methods of interrogation up to the newer ones proposed or used now.

Psychology in the Courtroom/Social Judgment: Easy to implant false memories? No, says new review


Social Judgment:  Can you tell when someone is angry or irritated?


Interesting research says we often misinterpret someone's facial expression as angry or irritated when they are
not.  Women actually make this error more often than men.

Social Judgment: "Our brains distort faces to fit stereotypes"


Social Judgment/The Self:  He just got lucky


Uber-talented subscriber David Myers admits that luck also played a role in his success.  Sucker.

Technology in Teaching


Attraction & Relationships/Prejudice: Response to attractive woman with overweight man (1:40)


Gender & Culture: "If catcalls were compliments" (3:13)


This video provides a nice response to that common rationale for catcalling.

Helping: Donating at the cash register (0:34)


The South Park tv show provides a humorous take on this donation appeal technique.

Methods: How the media misrepresents scientific studies (19:27)


John Oliver on Last Week Tonight provides a very good and humorous take on this subject.

Prejudice: Coming out gay kiss in ad (0:46)


This condom ad from South Africa has created a lot of controversy.

Prejudice: Most racist ad ever? (0:49)


Some are calling this Chinese detergent ad just that.

Prejudice: Muslim kids read letters written by Japanese internment kids from WWII (2:32)



The second link is to the video.


How Do You ... ?

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following issue.

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