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Welcome to Diamonds N Denim Creations
Grab your coffee , the girls are waiting , for what ? A Brand new PSP group !
Are you tired of AC , SAC , then you have come to the right place . We are G-R rated and Cute !
If you are new to PSP or you have been away from it for a while
and want to refresh yourself, this group is for you .
We are a relaxed group , learning and sharing PSP 
Challenges, Tutorials and lessons are not mandatory , so just relax
and if caring is sharing , we hope you do just that. 
Not interested in lessons , that's ok , then share things like graphics,
tubes, masks, elements, fonts, alpha's animations, anything PSP 
or just friendship .  A little bit of chat is welcome. 
No Mandatory sends required, But we love to have you share if you can .
  Coming soon in the FILES SECTION  are PSP Lessons .
Lessons will range from beginner and up . If you need to brush up on things we have a HELP section
You will find things in there to help  you , and also you can ask as a request to our group of very talented  members that will be glad to help . 
Jump right in , share or create, and have fun  !
May All Your Dreams And Wishes Come True!

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