Del Ray Citizens Association (Alexandria, VA)

The Del Ray Citizens Association manages this online forum as a benefit to our members and neighbors at large to inform and alert them about matters of direct relevance to the neighborhood. DRCA membership is not required to subscribe (but it's certainly encouraged!) 

DRCA moderates this list with respect to the following posting guidelines:

  1. Post announcements with direct relevance to Del Ray residents, businesses, schools, and/or churches.
  2. Report what is happening within the community, including events, community meetings, actions by the city, reports of criminal activity.
  3. Lost and found. Ask your neighbors for help finding wedding rings. Please include last known location and contact info. Please use #LostandFound in subject line
  4. Lost pets. Report lost pets (or found pets). Provide description, location found or last seen and contact info. Please use hashtag #LostPet in subject line
  5. Ask for referrals from group members regarding businesses and services available to Del Ray residents. Please use hashtag #Recommendations in subject line.
  6. Don't post commercial solicitations, want ads, advertisements, WTBs, curb alerts and the like.
  7. Don't spam. Posting spam is grounds for immediate banning from the group. 
  8. Spread kindness. We do not permit racism, personal attacks, profanity, or other behavior that in the offline world would violate a person's civil liberties or might be considered offensive. 
To post a message, please send an email to The is a moderated group; keep this step in mind for time-sensitive posts.This groups focus is sharing information, rather than discussion. Please consider replying to the original poster for questions or clarification. 

Cover photo, Murals of Del Ray (artist credits, top row: Chad Brady, Chad Brady, Leisa Collins, Chad Brady; bottom row, Alex Cook, ??, Chad Brady, Patrick Kirwin)

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