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Chris Levitan <chrislev@...>

Try uninstalling and re-installing and then a re-start. Then try it again. I've never had these issues. What type of RAW files going in?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2018 7:35:25 PM
Subject: ADV: Re: ADV: [DeepSkyStacker] Black line through image

As a further to my previous response even when I save it as a final image the black line remains, it is the latest 64 bit version of dss.
I will try restarting the computer tonight and see it it reoccurs.
It is only after the images have been registered and ready to be processed that it appears so really I can't do anything to it as the final output image has a nice black line running directly across halfway through the image.
The actual images themselves are fine and do not sho any issue, Also as I said earlier this issue only occurs in DSS not in nebulosity or Autostakkert

Michael A. Covington

At some point we're going to need to know what camera the image came from.  We may have found a camera that is not properly supported.