Avi Ben Zev <abz@...>

I have restricted the list to only myself, Yocheved, Margalit,
Daliah, Laurie Rappeport, and Mom (Judy Knauer)
If anybody has any objections, let me know please.
I believe you all were closely involved and are family in my eyes.
I have removed all of the other members for lack of their
I suspect they only wanted to read a soap opera.
Tough. ;-)
I will send along many of Rachel's letters in the next two days or
I also found her diary the other day in some medical files of a
quick look at her beginning days of the hell we went through.
Those who do NOT want to be a part of this, please let me know and
I'll take action to get you off of this list.
Avi/Abba Ben Zev

Yocheved Rosenblum

Thank you very much abba! I would love to keep reading more! I started
and it's very nice! I think it will take me a while to go through
everything. I also think that as a discussion group this way their
will be specific topics to talk about in connection to Imma. It's good
thou restricted it because it could be that part of the letters are a
little privet.

Moshiach Now!