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Dear Abba-
Wow! What a crazy week we had!!!
Hodaya was sick with fever and throwing up and "shilshuling" all over the place. Thank G-D she is doing much better now. I barley saw Romi because he was in and out and he barely slept this week. All I can say is that I am glad that this week is coming to an end.
I did not have time to respond to your e-mail even know I saw it. Not out of disrespect or because I chose to ignore you, just because I had no time to write back during this crazy week.
It sounds like a great idea. It would be very nice to read your thoughts and different experiences you went through in the last few year (too bad Rivki did not get married earlier!!! :-) . The only thing that I am asking is that you don't get offended if I don't answer or response right away (it seems that you have been offended this time :-( 
Sometimes I will respond right away but sometimes (like this one) it just takes more time because thank G-D we are all busy with families and jobs.
Looking forward for your next e-mail,

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Okay, that was a huge round of silence.
I will keep my thoughts to myself.
Take care everyone. . .

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> Hi Ladies,
> I thought I would start using this as a way to be in touch and to let you understand me and what I have been going through these last 10 years since Ima was inftar. . .
> Now that all of you are married B"H and on your paths, I believe it is time to try to let you know my thoughts. No one else will be involved unless you want that.
> Let me know if this is okay, or if it will be too hard for you.
> Either way will be fine, it will just mean I missed the opportunity to do this by my "taking my time in life" again.
> Take care and all my love,
> Abba

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