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Welcome to the DATA I/O Universal Programmers Group.

This group is for Students, Hobbyists, Arcade Machine Collectors, Technicians and Engineers to share their knowledge and resources for DATA I/O Universal Programmers for use within their Hobbies or for educational purposes. For such programmer models as the Unisite, ChipLab, ChipWriter, Labsite, 2900, 3980 and many more. Other Universal programmer models and brands are welcome as well.

Anyone that can provide any discontinued programmer software, firmware or Documentation is encouraged to join. Some of these devices are no longer supported by DATA I/O and therefore no technical support can be provided. Their hands are tied so to speak. In turn, we are on our own to get these puppies running and to preserve what we find. So please add to our "FILES" & "LINKS" section if you can. Also know that your expertise and knowledge will be greatly appreciated by many of us here.

My main area of focus is using the DATA I/O LabSite Programmer. I am using it to Erase Altera MAX 7000 Series 84 pin CPLD's. The Chips were in a JTAG Lockout state and I therefore needed a NON-JTAG programmer to erase them to reactivate the JTAG communication lines.
This is where I'm at with my Labsite programmer.

Once you are registered, post a message to the group.

Cheers! Everyone
and let us be victorious in our educational endeavors!!

Kind Regards,
Gerry O'Brien
Group Administrator

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