NGC 6960: The Witch's Broom Nebula Mosaic

Mark Hanson

Here is an image i have been working on for about the last 4 months. Its of the western part of the Veil nebula often called the Witch's Broom nebula. This was quite a challenge seaming it all together as the bright 4.2 magnitude star fell very close to the edge of the frames. But all and all turned out great. So much to look at. Now to do the entire region...

Telescope: Planewave 17" f6.7 on a Planewave HD Mount.

Camera: SBIG 16803 and Apogee U16m

Location: Stellar Winds Observatory at DSNM, Animas, New Mexico

Exposure: 180 min Luminance, 180 of each RGB, 450 HA, 540 O3 "for each panel of the mosaic"

You can see the full resolution version here: