Arp 105 and Abell 1185

Gregg Ruppel

Hi all:

Abell 1185 is a huge galaxy cluster on the border of Ursa Major, Leo and Leo Minor.  Contained within the field is Arp 105 consisting of NGC 3561 and 3561A (sometimes 3561A and 3561B),  "elliptical connected to a spiral".  These two are interacting and there is a long tidal tail connected to a much smaller galaxy to their north VV237f.  This conglomeration is sometimes referred to as the "Guitar".  Immediately below NGC 3561 is what is considered to be a small dwarf galaxy that has formed from the interaction; this object is called Ambartsumian's Knot:

1.3X crop:

Here's the annotated version showing many of the galaxies in Abell 1185:

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